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Why Fertilization Requires Weekly Mowing

Why Fertilization Requires Weekly Mowing

Fertilizing our lawns is something we do multiple times a year without giving it much thought. Fertilizing provides so many benefits for homeowners that it’s kind of a no-brainer to utilize in your lawn care. However, there are other chores like weekly mowing that can help you get the most out of your fertilizer application after it’s applied. One of the primary chores we recommend is mowing weekly to get the best results.

The Benefits That Follow Weekly Mowing

Mowing weekly and in routine presents major benefits when revolving around your fertilization schedule.

  • For one, grass clippings are a sort of fertilizer in their own right. This is due to the fact that they add nutrients to the soil and stimulate biological activity.
  • Researchers have also found that grass clippings measured one-half an inch or less can supply up to 40 percent of a lawn’s yearly fertilizer needs.
  • However, if your leftover grass clippings are big, wet, or smothering your lawn, it is best to rake them up and compost them.
  • Fine bit grass clippings are safe to keep on your lawn and will add value to your lawn. To get the most out of this process it is important to mow weekly to ensure your lawn gets those much-needed nutrients on a consistent basis.
  • Another reason mowing regularly works better for fertilization is that it allows the grassroots to grow deeper.
  • When fertilizing your lawn it will be able to absorb those nutrients better. At the same it allows it to better withstand drought conditions, pests, and weed invasions.
Why fertilization requires weekly mowing

What To Watch Out For

Make sure to time your lawn mowing carefully after fertilizing with store-bought applications to preserve the newly added nutrients. Also, do not cut your grass in your lawn too short either. This causes it to hinder the fertilization process, and in return makes retrieving nutrients much more difficult.

Let Chorbie Help

Mowing your lawn routinely does play a major role in the growth of your grass and supports fertilization by keeping clippings small so they can decompose easily. The experts at Chorbie know exactly how this process breaks down and can assist you in achieving the lawn you desire. Contact us today for more information on how we can get you started!

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