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Why Isn’t My Grass Growing In The Shade?

Why Isn't My Grass Growing In The Shade?

Beautiful, lush green grass is a satisfying sight to behold for any homeowner. Having an eye-catching, robust lawn doesn’t come without its share of hard work. From regular mowing to watering to seeding or sod, there is a lot involved. Few feelings are more rewarding than when it all pays off with a healthy and visually appealing yard. However, all that pride can go out the window and feel for naught if your lawn is smattered with bare patches of grass not growing in the shade.

Why isn’t my grass growing in the shade?

Ways To Help Grass Grow In The Shade

It is an unfortunate reality that, for many homeowners, trees, and shade in their yard come at the expense of grass. Grass needs four or more hours of sunlight to undergo photosynthesis, make food, and grow successfully, all of which can be interfered with by shade trees. Taking these steps will help encourage the growth of a full, healthy lawn, even in the presence of shade. Such steps include:

  • Increasing sunlight with effective tree trimming. As a general rule of thumb, one-third of a tree trunk should be bare and the remaining two-thirds limbed with branches.
  • Pruning branches so that they are at least six to eight feet above the ground.
  • Using a higher setting on your mower to keep blades healthy and encourage growth. This will allow grass to make more food and develop a deeper root system.
  • Planting shade-tolerant types of grass such as Zoysia or St. Augustine.

Encouraging Grass Growth In Your North Texas Lawn

Following these tips can help encourage the growth of grass in shady areas. However, they often require high levels of dedication and work to reap the end rewards. For homeowners looking to address bare patches in their lawn without the hassle of additional tasks such as tree pruning and grass planting, the lawn care experts at Chorbie are here to help. Our team is skilled in the assessment of lawns all over the DFW area and assisting homeowners. We can help you identify the most effective way to rid your lawn of those bare spots once and for all! To get started, contact a Chorbie expert today.

Why isn’t my grass growing in the shade?

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