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How A Gutter Cleaning Service Prevents Bugs

How a gutter cleaning service prevents bugs

In attempts to protect their homes from damaging waters, Texas homeowners have utilized gutter systems around their homes. Having tools like these is great; however, poorly maintained gutters can create problems as well. A gutter cleaning service prevents bugs since they are the perfect breeding grounds and habitat for these unwanted guests

The Purpose Gutters Serve

A gutter’s main purpose is to move water away from your house and to prevent it from damaging your home’s foundation and wood. Over time, however, nature begins to lodge its leaves and debris into your gutters. If your gutter isn’t maintained properly, your system will become clogged, which will cause a back-up where standing water gathers.

Preventing Bugs In Your Home’s Gutters

As previously mentioned, these unkempt gutters create a great breeding environment for insects to thrive. Because gutters are high up, insects living in them are relatively undisturbed by wildlife. One kind of insect that loves gutters is mosquitos seeing as they lay their eggs in stagnant, standing water. Although their eggs will freeze during the winter when temperatures reach the mid-50s hatching time begins. This means that neglecting to clean your gutters will leave you with a mosquito infestation during the warmer months.

Similarly, carpenter ants also thrive in moist environments, which only adds to the mayhem. Problems due to built-up leaves and debris mostly affect the outside of your home typically. But be aware, they can also creep into the inside. A common problem that starts off as an outside problem, becomes an outside one is rats or mice. Rodents that begin taking shelter by burrowing into the leaves and debris tend to migrate into your house, creating a whole new house problem for you. Neglected gutters not only provide shelter but also supply an abundance of food for lurking pests. Wasp larvae, who feed on insects, are enticed to make their home around yours because of the great food source. Ironically, wasps that feel you are invading their space or feel threatened will not hesitate to sting due to their territorial nature.

Get Started Gutter Cleaning Today

Though cleaning your gutters may seem tedious, taking that extra step will go a long way in preventing pest issues year-round. By contacting a professional that will clean your gutters properly and thoroughly, your home and family will be safe from these dangerous pests. Thankfully Chorbie has a team of experts specialized to handle these situations. Contact Chorbie today to get started!

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