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What Are The Consequences For Leaving Junk Around Your Home?

What are the consequences for leaving junk around your home?

The Consequences Of Leaving Junk Around Your Home

We’re all victims of having too much stuff. Between Christmas decorations, family heirlooms, old clothes, and all the things we thought we had to have but have only used once, most of us have some junk hanging around our homes. Whether it’s a closet that never gets opened, a junk drawer, or an attic or garage full of boxes, junk can create a problem in your home. While the biggest problem is that of space, there are several other consequences of leaving junk around your home.

The Junk Problem

We all know we shouldn’t hold onto junk. But, for many of us, it seems that no matter how hard we try to get rid of junk, there just seems to be more. Common reasons we hold on to junk include:

  • Sentimental value
  • Fear of needing the item after you get rid of it
  • Junk being too big for city trash cans
  • Not being able to get rid of the junk all at once
  • Unsure of whether an item can be thrown away at all

Despite all of these issues, it is important to make as much effort as possible to rid your home of junk so that it doesn’t end up causing an even bigger problem.

A Safe Haven For Pests

Junk provides the perfect environment for pests to take up residence. As junk sits untouched, it becomes a “solid and permanent” structure for pests. The way junk is packed and stored creates many nooks, crannies, and crevices that provide safe spaces for pests. Because pests like to make a home in these small, dark spaces, they are also prime locations for spiders since they can easily ambush their prey. When you keep junk piled up, you are creating a home for all kinds of pests including black widows, cellar spiders, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, and more. All of these pests enjoy the cool dark spaces in your junk piles. However, insects are not the only pests to enjoy your junk. Rodents will also make your junk their home. The small spaces can create prime nesting sites.

Ignoring Your Junk

If you continue to ignore the junk around your home, you are likely to develop a much larger problem than you bargained for. Once these pests begin living in the junk around your home, they will begin breeding. When this occurs, your problem is going to get much bigger. Not only will you have a number of pests in your home, but it will also be difficult to get rid of the junk. No one wants to deal with bug-infested boxes and piles of junk. Moreover, depending on the pest that has taken up residency, there’s also a risk of injury in moving the junk once you begin sharing it with Black WIdow spiders or Norwegian rats.

Getting Rid Of Junk

Before the pests get a chance to move in and make your junk their home, seriously consider getting rid of it. There are many ways you can get rid of the junk around your home:

  • Donate old furniture
  • Sell it at community garage sales
  • Recycle cardboard boxes after your Amazon packages arrive
  • Drop off styrofoam for recycling at designated dropoff sites (Frisco residents only)

Get Help From Chorbie

We get that dealing with your junk can be overwhelming. If you find you are unable to manage the removal of junk around your home, give Chorbie a call today at 972-697-5221 to get help. As part of our junk removal services, we will send a courteous crew out to your property to get your junk removed. Take your spring cleaning to the next level by finally getting rid of the junk you’ve been ignoring for years; Chorbie is here to help!

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