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Three Tips For The Best Spring Cleaning

Three tips for the best spring cleaning

With the arrival of beautiful weather and budding trees comes the need to start spring cleaning! Owning a home is something to be proud of and it can be even more rewarding when your home is organized and clean. We know you want to take the time to prepare your home so it looks the best it possibly can! Junk or landscaping mishaps can make your home lose curb appeal. Here are the three most important aspects of ensuring your home is ready for summer activities and enjoying the warm weather. As you may not know where to start, we are here to help with your spring cleaning!

1. Spring Clean The Clutter

Over time it is inevitable that clutter can build up in the yard and around your home. Along with another build-up like dirt and dust, your home can lose its sparkle and shine. This is where spring cleaning comes in! One of the easiest ways to get rid of clutter is by organizing the garage. Afterward, move on to the objects around the house and in the yard. Cleaning up the garage will also give you more room to store bikes, gardening equipment, and outdoor games that can be enjoyed during this time of the year.

2. Create An Inviting Lawn And Landscaping

Even the most beautiful home can look dingy if the lawn is not in shape. Regardless if you have a large garden, medium flowerbeds, or just a small planted area you can always improve the look of the yard with a few simple chores.

green grass in backyard while sun is setting

First thing, when it comes to spring cleaning, is simply to pick up any litter and dispose of it properly. Be sure to check under trees and around plants when doing so as to not miss anything. Next, rake your lawn to remove any dead grass as well as perk up dormant blades. Also, rake your garden and flower beds to mix air closer to the soil. Resulting in a refreshing color of the mulch, this will overall improve the look of your lawn!

When it gets to the technical aspects of lawn care, aeration is so important. Over time your lawn becomes compacted making it hard for water and air to reach the roots. Proper aeration will allow your grass to grow healthy and become greener. Weeding is also necessary, we encourage removing weeds when the soil becomes moist with the spring weather. Consider using a weed control tarp or fabric to dispose of weeds after weeding. Lastly, insects can be an issue this time of year, it’s best to treat your garden now to minimize pest problems in the future.

3. Deep Clean Your Home

There are simple things you can do to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Washing windows and screens will give you a better view of the springtime weather as well as make your home look more put together. Clean out the rain gutters to ensure debris is not clogged in them due to spring storms. It’s the little things that go a long way when it comes to the appearance of your home.

man cleaning window with yellow cloth

Spring cleaning enhances your home to look it’s best while enjoying the comfort of your own home. Taking the time to make improvements will allow you to enjoy your home for years to come. If any of these tasks seem overwhelming or time-consuming, give Chorbie a call. We are happy to combat the hassle of these chores to keep your home in tip-top shape and looking its best.

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