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3 Reasons For Gutter Splash Guards

3 reasons for gutter splash guards

We know the world is a bit complicated at the moment, but in a lot of ways life still must go on and that’s why today we’re going to talk to you about gutter splash guards. Every Texas resident is familiar with the constant rainstorms and downpours we are met with yearly. It can be really disruptive to daily life in Texas. But more importantly, protecting your home from the side effects of these perpetual events is important in prolonging the life of your home. How can you get protection? Gutter splash guards take on a huge responsibility in ensuring your home doesn’t take on any unnecessary damages from water. They also prevent any water from getting places it shouldn’t. To put it a little more simply, you may need gutter splash guards.

Water Overflow

The purpose of gutter splash guards is to prevent water from overshooting your gutters. If water overshoots your gutters it can get in areas that can be detrimental to the wellbeing of your home. Water flowing from a roof valley is far more significant than the amount of water that flows into the gutters from other parts of your roof. For this reason, gutter splash guards are installed where these roof valleys meet your gutter system to stop the overshooting water. Splash guards get the job done efficiently.

The Foundation

To explain another part of the problem, the water mainly builds up around the foundation of the home. This causes long-term and expensive damages to it over time while essentially washing away your house slowly. Foundation issues include uneven and sagging floors, cracked walls, a cracking chimney, and standing water under the house. They can also create a space for termites or other pests to enter your home from underneath where protection is limited. Gutter splash guards help tremendously in keeping water away from your foundation, preserving your home.

Mold + Mildew

Next on the list of problems that can arise without gutter splash guards is mold and mildew. These two are big because where water is, they find it. But the good thing is you can easily tell where there’s mold and mildew because you can often notice black spots, stains, wall discoloration. One other sign could even be allergic reactions. Those could be telling you that there are mold and mildew in the home. Mold and mildew especially happen after basement flooding. This is a problem you can run into, commonly identified through a musty, damp odor, mold, and cracks in the floor or walls. Then the problems spill over to outside the home. When it comes it the exterior property outside of your home, landscape erosion happens where bare areas and plants won’t grow, falling or crumbling slopes appear, and dried up mud streams pop up after rain.

Be Proactive

Gutter splash guards are more than a top priority for a proactive homeowner looking to ensure the longevity of their home. Contact a Chorbie expert for assistance with any of your home gutter cleaning needs or questions

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