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Is It Time For A Fence Repair?

Is it time for a fence repair?

Having a privacy fence can help turn your home into your dream home. Not only does it keep unwanted guests off your property, but a fence also adds character to your home, making it a great addition to any home. However, while having a fence is a great asset, it can easily take away from the beauty of your home if it’s in need of a fence repair.

Fences typically have a long-term life, but certain variables such as weather and damage can affect its lifespan. To ensure your fence’s longevity, it needs to be maintained properly and any issues addressed properly. This means you need to know what to expect and what to look for when it comes to prolonging here the life of your fence. Here are some tips to help you know when it’s time for a fence repair.

When Is It Time For A Fence Repair

Repairing your fence can be important for many reasons including maintaining your home’s look, keeping your pets and children safe, and ensuring privacy and security. When it comes to knowing when it’s time to repair your fence, a bit of careful observation can go a long way. Many times, there are visible signs that your fence is in desperate need of repairs.

Things to look for include:

  • Missing and broken boards. This is one of the most visible signs your fence needs to be repaired sooner rather than later. Missing and broken boards negatively affect your fence’s appearance, safety, and structural well-being.
  • Splinters. Visible splintering can be a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Cracks and splits. When the wood is weak it can crack and split. This can compromise its effectiveness and can cause your fences to fall apart over time.
  • Discoloration. If you find that your fence is discolored it can be a sign of damage. Discoloration that is yellow or gray can indicate your fence has mold or is rotting.
  • Holes. Insect, wildlife, and microorganisms can cause holes in your fence boards. Typically once these holes are visible there is greater damage to the interior of the wood.
  • Leaning. A leaning fence is commonly caused by a weak fence post. This is often the first sign of trouble as a leaning fence can cause broken or warped fence boards, eventually leading to more damage.

Get It Fixed

Noticing when a fence repair is needed isn’t too hard. However, handling the issues properly to ensure your fence’s structural and aesthetic integrity is where it needs to be can be a more strenuous task. If it’s time to repair your home’s fence, contact a Chorbie expert for professional assistance with any fence repairs or other issues. Contact us at 972-697-5221 or request a quote today.

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