Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair

Watering your lawn and landscaping is essential to keep grass and plants healthy and green, and a sprinkler system provides a convenient means of delivering needed hydration. Like any part of your infrastructure, however, your sprinkler system must be maintained if you want it to continue performing on demand. Chorbie is happy to help you keep your sprinklers in good working order with our sprinkler maintenance and repair service.

If your system is broken or malfunctioning, you could be under or overwatering, leaving your lawn and landscaping susceptible to drought, or alternately, encouraging weed growth, disease, and pest infestation. When you follow watering guidelines, you have the best chance to keep your yard healthy and beautiful, and regular sprinkler maintenance and repair services from the experts at Chorbie helps you accomplish your goals.

What to Expect with Chorbie’s Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair Services

A functioning sprinkler system is necessary to gain the greatest benefit for your lawn and landscaping, but most homeowners don’t want to deal with the hassle of inspecting and repairing sprinklers heads and lines on their own. When you partner with Chorbie, you’ll enjoy thorough inspection by trained professionals to ensure continued performance from your sprinkler system. Our $98.99* routine Sprinkler System Check service includes:

  • Assessment by a TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) licensed sprinkler professional
  • Inspection of all components to identify any damaged or malfunctioning parts
  • Inspection and adjustment of sprinkler heads to ensure optimal spray patterns and complete coverage
  • System timer adjustment to observe proper watering times for the season

*This rate applies to sprinkler systems of 15 zones or less, and they do not include recommended system repairs, which could entail additional cost.

After you’ve received a thorough examination of your system, our licensed irrigator will provide you a detailed assessment, complete with recommendations and a quote for needed repairs (if needed). In most cases, repairs can be performed at the same time as the check. Repairs are billed at an hourly rate, plus parts and our workmanship is guaranteed for up to a year on all repairs.

Convenient Sprinkler Services

Even DIYers aren’t thrilled with the prospect of maintaining an outdoor sprinkler system on their own because it can be complicated and messy.  Chorbie is the partner you need for sprinkler maintenance and repair services, thanks to our team of trained professionals and our attention to detail. Chorbie’s Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair services are an affordable and convenient way to keep water bills in check and ensure a healthy, green lawn and landscaping. Chorbie offers a satisfaction guarantee, as well as fast response times and easy billing and payment for your convenience and peace of mind.

You don’t have to cope with the hassles of sprinkler system maintenance on your own when you partner with the reliable and experienced professionals at Chorbie.

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