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Top Summer Lawn & Landscaping Tips

Top Summer Lawn & Landscaping Tips

We are about to approach the hottest month of the year, August. As the weather continues to get hotter and hotter, you might be wondering what steps to take in order to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. Our Chorbie team is here to provide you with the top lawn and landscaping tips to help prevent the summer heat from affecting your landscaping.

#1 Water In The Early Morning Hours

Making sure you water your lawn during the early mornings is possibly the most important habit you should prioritize when taking care of your landscaping all throughout the warmer months. This is because Texas temperatures are lowest in the early mornings when the sun is not at its peak. Watering after early hours can be wasteful as the plants don’t end up getting the proper nutrients. The reason being, watering in the middle of an extremely hot day can cause the moisture to evaporate before it even reaches the plants.

#2 Weeding Is Highly Important

Weeds like to grow at very fast rates, especially during the summer months. This means if they are not taken care of properly they could take over your home’s lawn and landscape. Did you know weeds will take over your plant’s resources such as food and water? This is highly common in lawns that aren’t kept up with. It’s quite simple, really. Nutrients and water are finite resources. Every bit of resource that goes to a weed is not going to the grass or plant. Over time, grass and other plants will stop trying to grow where weeds preside. Once the weeds are dealt with, homeowners are left with barren spots on lawns.

Weeds in Landscaping
Here’s an example of what you don’t want to happen.

#3 Don’t Forget The Mulch

Throughout the hot summer months, mulch adds so many important benefits to your landscaping, beyond curb appeal. Adding mulch will help to keep moisture close to plant roots, reducing evaporation and water waste (not to mention utility costs). Think of mulch as a protective layer that helps regulate soil and root temperature. As a result, it keeps roots cooler during the day and warmer at night to promote healthy plants.

#4 Keep Grass Height As Tall As You Can Tolerant

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when mowing your lawn is: the longer the shoot, the longer the root. Not cutting your grass too short is key in keeping it green, vibrant, and healthy especially in hot weather. During the summer months, we advise you to let your lawn grow at least two to three inches tall. This will give the roots shade and promote further growth. Cutting the grass short may not be worth it during the summer, but can be done during cooler season months. Of course, check with your HOA for any guidelines that must be followed.

There’s More To Do

There are, of course, many other tips we can offer. These are simply our top summer lawn and landscaping tips. To get the most out of your home this summer, partner with Chorbie. Our team of experts can tackle weeds, apply fertilizer, trim trees and shrubs, check sprinkler systems, and more. When you choose Chorbie for your lawn care or landscaping service, you’ll gain a lot more than a beautiful addition to your landscaping. Chorbie also offers speedy response times, easy billing and payment options, and commitment to customer satisfaction with every service. With our satisfaction guarantee, you’ll always enjoy the effective service and optimal outcomes you expect.

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