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Benefits Of Winter Planting

Benefits Of Winter Planting

In the DFW Metroplex, there are many homeowners with astounding green thumbs. Because of this finding, the most ideal time to plant in our gardens is imperative. Although winter doesn’t particularly make us think of spending time in the garden, it’s actually a great season to take advantage of. This means homeowners need to know exactly why this season is a great choice for winter planting so they don’t miss out on the positives!

Winter In Texas

Luckily, because our winter temperatures often aren’t too cold and the ground doesn’t tend to freeze, Texas enjoys mild winters. Due to these mild winters, many garden tasks are still achievable. In fact, winter can even be an easier time for certain gardening activities.

Perks Of Winter Planting

  • During wintertime plants become completely dormant, meaning they aren’t going through active growth.
  • Due to their dormant state, plants suffer less transplant shock, as opposed to planting them when they’re actively growing.
  • Another benefit of “sleeping” plants is that they require less water than active seasons, which is a result of not being amidst growth. However, it is important to keep in mind that all newly planted plants will need a regular watering routine, regardless of the season.

Fewer Bug Problems

  • If your worries in planting revolve around bugs and diseases, planting during the winter can reduce your concerns.
  • Bug and plant diseases are actually inactive during the colder temperatures, and as a result, those factors are completely eliminated during winter.
  • With the interference of bugs and disease ruled out, adding new plants to gardens and landscape becomes a breeze during winter.
  • Although insects are inactive, they are not gone. Many plants overwinter in leaves, under bark, and in the soil around the plant. Trimming off dead wood, leaf cleanup, and disposal of dead and diseased plant material is recommended this time of year. The removal of overwintering sites for insects can help reduce potential problems in the spring and summer.

Acclamation And Less Root Rot

As you may know, any good plant starts at its roots, and winter planting is a great way to ease into optimized root growth. Introducing your plants to their new environment during winter gives them the opportunity to acclimate to their new soil and home at the early stages of root growth. While root growth is less aggressive during winter, our mild temperatures can allow for moderate root development over the winter and can capitalize on a possible early spring.

Take Advantage While The Opportunity Lasts!

Like every season, winter has its own benefits in planting and should not be overlooked. However, maybe you are just not the biggest fan of the cold, or you need some extra help with your winter garden. If you fall into one of those categories, don’t worry, Chorbie is here for you. Here at Chorbie we look forward to helping and serving you on your path to make your home landscape as perfect as possible. Contact us today to have an expert take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to!

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