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Pest Control / 30.11.2020

Do Ants Come Out In The Winter?

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With cooler weather, many homeowners anticipate a much-needed reprieve from tasks like mowing the lawn and pests such as ants. This is a time of year when you can sit back and disregard many of those spring and summer maintenance tasks around your yard and...

Pest Control / 30.11.2020

Getting Rid of Fire Ants in Your Kitchen

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Fire ants are often associated with warm summer temperatures as they are actively foraging for food. However, while most ants hibernate or die during the cold winter months, these pests can become a nuisance even then. Having fire ants in your home is not only...

Pest Control / 30.11.2020

How To Identify American Roaches

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Whenever you hear the term American, you probably think of the fourth of July, fireworks, and an exciting time with friends and family. However, what you probably aren’t expecting is the word roach to soon follow. Below you can find vital information about American roaches...

Pest Control / 30.11.2020

How To Identify German Roaches

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The German roach, an uninvited creepy crawler, never fails to spontaneously make itself at home everywhere. This type of roach is a common pest in homes, yet it is commonly mistaken for other roach species. For this reason, knowing how to identify German roaches can...

Pest Control / 30.11.2020

American Roaches vs German Roaches

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Having a bug problem in your home can be devastating if not handled immediately and properly. It can lead to a real drag on quality of life. When homeowners are facing these issues, it’s vital that they are able to identify just exactly what they...