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When Is Termite Season?

When is termite season?

The beginning of spring has passed, and this means termite season is in full effect. To homeowners in Texas, termites are no strangers since Texas single-handedly has one of the highest termite concentrations. Being a homeowner makes it imperative to know about termite season and when to expect termites to ensure the safety of your home.

Signs Of Termite Season

There are a variety of termites, all in different sizes and shapes, but only particular species call DFW home. Unfortunately, most species of termites residing in the DFW area can significantly damage the wood in your home. The termites you should keep an eye out for are the common eastern subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry wood termites, and desert termites, which have all taken residence in DFW.

termite season

There is even a specific season when termites swarm, swarming season, which depending on the species of termite can begin in early February and last until fall. A termite colony becomes the most active during warm weather and swarms after it has rained on a warm day.
Of course, there are certain indicators that will let you know termite season has begun. One such indicator is when dogwood tree buds swell and their flowers appear, which means subterranean termite swarming is near. You may also encounter flying termites, called swarmers or alates. At the beginning/through termite season, swarmers leave the colony to mate and establish a new colony.

Protecting From Termites

It is easy for termite season to creep up on you if you aren’t aware of the signs, which then allows termites to take control. In order to steer your home clear from having a termite infestation, it’s important to watch out for the signs. Chorbie has experts that specialize in pest control to keep termites and bugs out and away from your home and mind. To receive the professional assistance and care you deserve to contact a Chorbie expert today.

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