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How Often Pest Control Should Be Done

How often pest control should be done

Being a homeowner is hard on itself and keeping your home healthy and safe through the year can only become more draining. One thing that may keep you up at night is a pest infestation nightmare. Avoiding an infestation may seem like a tough task itself but knowing how frequently pest control should be done can prevent it from happening.

How Pest Control Works

If you find yourself with an infestation or with no pest problem, having a professional check your home is always a good idea. What do pest control services do? When you have a pest service inspect your home, they send experts who will inspect infrastructure to find lurking pests and pest-related threats. As well as being a great way to prevent pests, regular check-ups will maintain pest management costs to a minimum. When doing treatments and inspections, you should schedule them quarterly or every two to three months. Maintaining a regular schedule of effectively prevents a pest problem from starting in the first place, and if one does occur it will catch it before it goes too far. However, if you are currently experiencing a severe pest infestation, think about monthly treatments for six months.

Factors To Consider

One thing to keep in mind when determining treatment is the type of pest being dealt with. Take roaches and rodents (both pests) for example, treatment for roaches may occur every week, while rodents would be monthly. Something else to remember is that the treatment plan, infestation size, and type of pest. This all determines how often treatment should be done for the desired results. The frequency of the check-ups depends on location, weather conditions, building size, time of year, and type of pest. Pests such as spiders, moths, roaches, pillbugs, and silverfish are able to last a few months. Because of this treatment should occur quarterly. On the other hand, curing a serious ant infestation will require three to six-monthly visits. Bed bugs are even different from those requiring specialized treatment until the source is properly found.

How often pest control should be done

Different Types Of Pest Control

Battling “hitchhiking pests” is difficult because they “ride” into your home on people, pets, or containers. This actually allows them to bypass treatment designed to keep them out. Nonetheless, combatting cockroaches is a different, long-term task. To combat them, the first treatment has to be followed by several visits to reapply insecticides. This way you can be sure the pests and eggs are exterminated. That being said, these infestations still depend on location, weather, infestation severity, and a lot more.

A New Home Doesn’t Mean No Pests

Although your new home may feel like an impenetrable fortress, they’re actually not immune to pest problems. Recently built homes can have cracks and gaps, perfect for pests to venture in. That’s not even mentioning the sneaky pests your home is exposed to during construction. Construction causes problems because the way materials are stored makes great pest places. Cleaning a lot to start the initial building process of a house also disturbs surrounding pest nests. Even if your home is free of these problems, nearby construction, open fields, rivers, lakes, and neighbors who don’t maintain a pest routine can lead to pest problems.

Professional Pest Control Is Here

Proper pest control can be difficult to tackle alone, even with the proper information, but having a great team on your side will pave the way to exterminating pests permanently. Couple routine pest control services with a scheduled lawn mowing to stay on top of your monthly home maintenance chores. Chorbie is the team homeowners need for the perfect pest-free home, so contact a Chorbie expert to get on the pest-free side today.

How often pest control should be done

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