Flower Bed Weed Control

Some weeds blend in with other plants, so you might not even notice them. Others can even be attractive in their own right. Unfortunately, the defining characteristic of weeds is that they have undesirable properties, particularly their penchant for choking out other plants, overgrowing an area, and becoming an unsightly nuisance to humans. Because weeds are so common and persistent, Chorbie proudly offers a range of weed elimination and prevention options, including flower bed weed control service.

Weeds don’t just infiltrate your lawn – they also encroach on other landscaping, including flower beds. When used in concert with other Chorbie services like our ongoing fertilization and weed control program for your lawn and our scheduled bush and bed maintenance service to remove weeds and dead plants regularly, the flower bed weed control service will eliminate unwanted weeds and prevent spreading and regrowth.

Safe and Effective Flower Bed Weed Control Service

A well-manicured lawn and pristine flower beds can only help to enhance curb appeal and boost your property value. When unsightly weeds infiltrate your flower beds, you can’t just pull them up – they’ll return and spread. You have to kill them first, and Chorbie can help. What can you expect from our weed control service?

  • Commercial-grade, concentrated chemicals guaranteed to kill weeds
  • Precise application of product to target weeds alone
  • Superior backpack sprayer equipment than ensures non-targeted plants are unharmed
  • Treatment of unwanted weeds in landscaping, flower beds, and rock beds
  • Treatment of weeds pushing up through cracks in concrete
  • Professional assessment and treatment by licensed technicians

The flower bed weed control service begins in February annually, and includes monthly visits from April through November, for a total of nine treatments. We treat for all weeds to keep your landscape looking neat and fresh, and our precision practices ensure that your installed landscaping remains healthy and intact.

When paired with our other maintenance services, this treatment delivers attractive and inviting outdoor spaces that enhance your home and elevate your property value. With regular service, you’ll see a significant decrease in recurrence of weeds, and once weeds are dead, they’re much easier to remove.

The Outstanding Service You Expect

Weeds are a blight on your landscape, and they can be especially prominent in sparse flower beds, not to mention rock beds and cracks in your concrete where they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Eliminating weeds in your lawn isn’t enough – you need to eliminate them everywhere.

With flower bed weed control service from Chorbie, you’ll not only get outstanding service, but also our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our service doesn’t meet expectations, we’ll make it right. We offer speedy response times and convenient billing and repayment options. Get rid of unwanted weeds and keep them from returning with weed control services from Chorbie

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