Lawn Aeration

Nobody wants a patchy lawn with areas of overgrowth interspersed with dead or dying spots. You want uniform greenery that’s lush and attractive. Chorbie is dedicated to providing beautiful landscaping that elevates the overall appeal and value of your property, and it starts with a well-manicured expanse of lawn. In addition to regular mowing, we offer lawn aeration service to combat the detrimental effects of soil compaction. What is soil compaction and how can lawn aeration service from the experts at Chorbie help?

What is Soil Compaction?

Whether your landscaping is well-established when you purchase your home or you add or upgrade it after the fact, you’ll find that your property isn’t unchanging. Just as the grass and trees grow and need to be trimmed and maintained, the soil can become compacted over time, to the point that it affects the delivery of nutrients to your lawn.

When you move in, your soil may already be compacted if the home builders, sod installers, or previous owners didn’t bother to prep the soil or aerate regularly. Or it could be that the passage of time and foot traffic on the property have led to soil compaction. A buildup of dead plant material can further exacerbate the problem.

The end result is roots that are stifled, leading to poor growth and a patchy lawn. This is an issue that won’t resolve on its own, no matter how much you water your lawn in the hopes of encouraging new growth. You need to aerate the soil to make room for root growth and increase the uptake of water and nutrients.

The highly-trained team at Chorbie can diagnose soil compaction and carry out needed aeration, using a special tool, called an aerator, to dig down into soil, pull out plugs, and lay them on the lawn, leaving gaps in the soil. In time, the plugs will break down and reabsorb into the lawn. It’s important to inform our lawn care specialists about sprinkler or drip lines to ensure that none are damaged during the aeration process.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration Service

You might not think aeration is necessary, but regular lawn aeration service can help to prevent uneven growth and dead patches that require sod to fix. There are actually several benefits to scheduling annual aeration in fall or spring, including:

  • Allowing room for the root system to spread
  • Increasing uptake of air, water, and nutrients to the lawn
  • Breaking down layers of dead plant material so you don’t have to dethatch
  • Allowing grass to grow thick and lush
  • Saving money on replacing dead sod

Advantages of Partnering with Chorbie

Lawn aeration service is available on request, as a one-time service or regularly scheduled annual maintenance. Our trained technicians respond quickly to service requests and we offer easy billing and payment for your convenience. When your lawn is looking sickly or sparse, Chorbie delivers the thick, lush sea of grass that will transform your property from dull to dazzling.

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