Moisture Manager

For those who live in the Pacific Northwest, a lush lawn is par for the course. In Texas, it takes a lot more work to keep your lawn thick and vibrant. The last thing you want to do is waste money on water that evaporates in hot, drought conditions. Chorbie has the solution you’re looking for with our moisture manager service, featuring Hydretain.

Hydretain, as the name implies, is a compound that helps your soil retain hydration so that you get the most out of every drop of water you supply to your landscaping. With quarterly applications from Chorbie, you can combat the effects of heat and drought and keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and lush with a lot less water waste.

How Does Moisture Manager Service Work?

Thirsty grasses demand a lot of hydration to remain green and healthy, but the hot, dry environment in Texas can make it difficult to keep soil moist. Not only is a significant portion of water lost to evaporation, but in drought conditions, dry soil can pull water down and away from plant roots, limiting the benefit plants gain from your watering efforts. How does Chorbie’s moisture manager service help?

  • Hydretain, a patented blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds, is added to soil
  • Hydretain granules attract and hold moisture by collecting water vapor as it emerges from soil
  • Hydretain releases water droplets back into soil so grass roots can absorb it between watering
  • Product lost to irrigation, rain, and soil movement is replenished four times a year with quarterly Hydretain application

The use of Hydretain can lower utility bills and help you to avoid fines for over-watering when restrictions are in place, all while minimizing the stresses heat and drought can have on your lawn and landscaping. You not only conserve water, but prevent dry patches, maintaining a beautiful, green lawn year-round.

Superior Lawn Management with Chorbie

Our moisture manager service is just one of many ways we help to protect your lawn and landscaping from threats, maintain attractive outdoor spaces, and improve property value. With regular application of Hydretain, you’ll keep your lawn fresh, avoid high utility costs and water restriction fines, and even protect against the incursion of opportunistic pests.

The stresses of heat and drought can quickly leave your lawn looking patchy and unkempt, despite your best efforts to keep it hydrated. Rather than overwatering and risking fines and outrageous utility bills, let Chorbie bring relief to your thirsty lawn and your budget with quarterly Hydretain treatment.

You’ll also enjoy Chorbie’s speedy response times, easy billing and payment options, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Delivering beautiful landscapes, convenient services, and superior value is our mission, and with our regular moisture manager service, you’ll get all three.

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