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Nobody wants a patchy lawn with areas of overgrowth interspersed with dead or dying spots. You want uniform greenery that’s lush and attractive. Chorbie is dedicated to providing beautiful landscaping that elevates your property overall appeal and value, and it starts with a well-manicured expanse of lawn. In addition to regular mowing, we offer a lawn aeration service to combat soil compaction’s detrimental effects.
What is soil compaction, and how can lawn aeration service from the experts at Chorbie help?

Soil Compaction Is A Deterrent To A Healthy Lawn

Whether your lawn is brand new or well-established, the soil underneath is in a constant state of shifting, which affects your grass. Shifting ground is a natural occurrence in all lawns that results from weather, foot traffic, mowing, the buildup of dead plant materials, and natural earth movement. One of the most significant issues that arise from shifting ground is soil compaction.
Soil compaction in lawns is not a matter of if but when. The most common indicators are slow growth and a patchy lawn, resulting from a stifled root system. This is an issue that won’t resolve on its own, no matter how much you water your lawn in the hopes of encouraging new growth. You need to aerate the soil to make room for root growth, water, and nutrients.

A Liquid Aeration Service Is The Cure For Soil Compaction

Simply stated, a liquid aeration service opens up pathways in your soil for water, air, and sunlight to penetrate the ground and encourage grass growth. Some of the benefits include:
  • Allowing room for the root system to spread
  • Increasing uptake of air, water, and nutrients to the lawn
  • Breaking down layers of dead plant material, so you don’t have to dethatch
  • Allowing grass to grow thick and lush
  • Saving money on replacing dead sod
You might not think a liquid aeration is necessary, but regular lawn aeration service can help to prevent uneven growth and dead patches that require sod to fix.

The Advantages Of Chorbie’s Liquid Aeration Service

If you were to call most lawn care companies to perform a liquid aeration, they would probably employ an aerator. This clunky tool works by pulling plugs of soil out of the ground to create the pathways mentioned above. Over time, the holes will close, and the soil plugs will reabsorb back into the ground.
While an aerator has been the tool of choice for years, it has its disadvantages. First of all, after the service, your lawn will be full of unsightly plugs and holes. Secondly, and more importantly, you could have damage to your sprinkler system – especially if your system utilizes drip lines.
Chorbie no longer uses an aerator for their aeration service. Instead, we use the latest science by employing a liquid aeration product. This product is sprayed on the lawn and has the following benefits:
  • Penetrates deeper than an aerator
  • Does not damage sprinkler systems
  • Loosens more of the soil – imagine thousands of tiny holes instead of hundreds of noticeable holes
  • No unsightly plugs left on the lawn
For clients on a recurring service with us (like mowing), Chorbie offers this up-to-date aeration service as a one-time service or on regularly scheduled annual maintenance. Our technicians abide by all State regulations, and our Customer Service team is quick to respond to all calls and emails. So, if your lawn is looking sickly or sparse, trust Chorbie to encourage a thick, lush sea of grass that will transform your property from dull to dazzling.

Expert Pest Control Service

At Chorbie, we understand how detrimental a pest infestation can be. Pests in your yard can damage landscaping and keep you from enjoying your outdoor spaces. If they get into your home, they could not only compromise the integrity of your structure, but also harm the people and pets in your household. Our comprehensive pest control service includes:

  • A knock on your door to let you know one of our friendly technicians is working on the property
  • A comprehensive exterior inspection by an experienced and licensed professional
  • Insecticide products administered around the exterior of the home, including points of entry (doors and windows) to form a barrier against pests
  • Exterior cobwebs and wasps’ nests removed, if within reach (23-foot long arm used)
  • Weep holes inspected and treated as needed
  • Granular pest control applied in yard
  • Interior pest treatment upon request
  • Custom interior treatment offered for specific areas of infestation (such as ants in kitchen)
  • Detailed service report emailed to you upon job completion

Our comprehensive program is designed to stop current pest infestations and prevent future issues with pests, thanks to expert evaluation and administration of pest control products by our licensed technicians. Quarterly pest control service with Chorbie covers a wide variety of pests, and we offer additional services to deal with specific pests like airborne insects, such as mosquitos, and hitch-hiking bugs like lice, ticks, and fleas.

Effective And Lasting Results

At Chorbie, we guarantee satisfaction with our pest control service, so if you see any recurrence of infestation in your yard or home between scheduled quarterly treatments, we’ll return to re-administer pest control products at no additional cost. You deserve to be comfortable and relaxed in your home and while enjoying your yard. Chorbie delivers a pest-free environment and peace of mind with quarterly pest control service that protects your home and landscaping and significantly reduces the nuisance and danger pests can pose.

They are Very Professional.
Mahesh S.,

Chorbie is one of the best that I have seen in my area. They are very professional. Best part is you don’t have to follow them by calling or mailing for things to be done.

The Process is Seamless.
Laura C.,

Matt Sanders and Michael Bridges are the techs. We’ve been very happy since we switched vendors. Chorbie calls us with reminders, sends emails on what was done, posts photos of our lawn to confirm, charges our credit card. The process is seamless.

So Worth It!
Jonathan M,

Chorbie handles all my weed control and fertilizing and they do an excellent job! It saves me so much time and energy ensuring the products are put down correctly throughout the year. Also, they charge about what it would cost if I did it on my own. SO WORTH IT! Thank you so much! 👍👍

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