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DIY VS Pro Window Washing

Diy vs pro window washing

As every homeowner knows, keeping your home clean and tidy takes quite a bit of work and upkeep. Although many of the necessary cleaning tasks can be handled on your own, there are some that may be more fit for a professional. When it comes to window washing, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of “do it yourself” vs hiring a professional. While doing the job yourself can save you money, a professional can save you time and the strenuous labor, while giving you the sparkly clean look you’re going for.

Your Safety & Window Washing

First things first: Safety plays a big role in window washing. Higher up windows can be dangerous to reach. If you’re doing this job yourself using a step ladder, you’re potentially just one slip away from a serious injury. Moving a heavy ladder around from window to window as you clean could also hurt your back. Cleaning windows is a dirty job too. Attempting this job on your own could leave you covered in grime, dust, dead insects, leaves, not to mention sweat, which is no fun.

Time Management

Professional window cleaners are equipped with the appropriate tools, materials, and training to make the job quick and easy. Where it would likely take you hours to wash all the windows around your home, a professional could take care quickly and effectively. This allows you to have more free time to spend doing something you enjoy. Which is much more fun than melting in the Texas heat and putting your safety and well-being at risk.

Window Washing Like Never Before

The main bonus: Your windows will sparkle like never before. Of course, you’re capable of doing a good job, but a professional always provides a better result, as they are highly experienced and have practiced on tons of different types of windows. They know the ins and outs of how to clean multiple different styles and the best way to achieve maximum clarity with a streak-free finish. It can be a difficult task to keep up with window cleaning regularly, so hiring a professional with a set frequency also takes this worry completely away. You won’t even have to think about it. Keeping your windows clean helps prevent corrosion that takes place over time and can damage your windows.

How We Make It Easy

Although you’re totally capable of washing your own windows, it’s a demanding and potentially dangerous task to take on. Make it easy on yourself and contact a Chorbie expert. We’re always on standby ready for an opportunity to help you out.


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