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How Can Windows Affect Your Home’s Temperature?

How Can Windows Affect Your Home’s Temperature?

Windows are the biggest opening to any home you can find here in Texas or the DFW area. Due to the open nature of windows, they can greatly affect the temperature of your home. Windows allow sunlight to pass through, and can often cause the temperature of your home to fluctuate. Knowing how your windows can affect your home’s temperature helps homeowners looking to stay warm, and save money on their electricity bills.

Causes Of Temperature Change From Windows

There are many different ways your home’s temperature can be affected, and ultimately altered if not taken care of.

  • The first can occur by leaving your home’s windows open. This can negatively affect the temperature on the inside of your home, causing your heat or air to overwork itself. This means having open windows in the summer, your AC is going to be working non-stop trying to cool the house, and in winter your heater will do the same.
  • Where your thermostat is located in your house can affect the temperature of your home as well. When air opposite of the settings on your thermostat is detected near the thermostat, it causes it to kick on. So, having any cracks, open doors, or open windows near your actual thermostat can cause it to turn on more often than it should.

Tips For The Coming Colder Months

For the colder months that are quickly approaching, homeowners will primarily be trying to keep their homes regulated at a warm temperature.

  • To do this to the best of your ability, it’s important to have a perfectly clean window. This is what allows the sunlight beams to come into your home and warm it.
  • Consider removing any blinds, curtains, or drapes in front of your windows throughout the day. This allows the natural sunlight into your home for added warmth.
  • Then during the night, you can cover your windows. This will effectively trap the heat in your home, saving your heater from running all night.
  • Be sure to keep doors closed to all rooms, as this will help the temperature from escaping once it has been cooled or heated.

While making the transition throughout the seasons, don’t forget to take advantage of the weather and give your ac a much-needed break. Whether it is too hot or cold in your home, you can always open a window to let cooler or warmer air in.

How can windows affect your home’s temperature?

Contact Outdoor Specialists

There are many ways you can go about maintaining the desired temperature of your home. Regardless, one of the best ways is by keeping your windows clean. Chorbie always has experts on standby ready to assist homeowners with whatever home-related project they need to be completed. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you maintain your home!

How can windows affect your home’s temperature?

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