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How Often Should You Wash Your Windows?

How often should you wash your windows?

Washing your windows will make them streak-free and inviting, but most importantly it will protect your home’s glass from long-term damage. Window washing is a great chore for a beautiful home and knowing how often you should wash your windows at home is a must. Finding out the frequency with which you should clean your windows would be a hassle; however, we can make it easy for you by having you consider some factors about your home.

When You Should Wash Your Windows

Two factors are to consider when washing your windows are rainwater and overly dry conditions as they cause your windows to become filthy with grime. Firstly, rain carries dust and other debris that build up in the window frame of exterior windows. Similarly, dry environments and high winds carry dirt and dust. As these are more airborne, they end up leaving your windows desperately needing a deep clean.

Having your home near production facilities and construction sites will also come with a build-up of material that causes dirty windows. Having a home near these types of facilities means that there will be more airborne materials in the surrounding air. These materials normally consist of soil, road dust, sand, concrete dust, and production site powders. In addition, soot from large diesel trucks can make its way onto your home’s windows. Over time, this will leave your windows in desperate need of a good wipe down.

Why Clean Windows Are Important

Making sure your windows receive the attention they need can even cut back on costs. Because dirt and grime act as natural sunlight filters, having dirty windows affects the temperature inside your home. This leads to a higher electric bill allowing the outside to control the temperature of your home. The constant build-up of grime can also scratch the glass, leading to extra space for grime to settle into. Clean windows don’t only add a great look to your home, they also add a smile to your face. Remember that the timing for every house is different depending on your surroundings. Windows in a home with pets and kids who leave prints will require more attention than someone whose home doesn’t.

Maintaining The Sparkly Clean Look

Whenever you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, contact a window cleaning expert for the best assessment and information on the frequency with which your windows should be cleaned. Remember that Chorbie can provide you with a professional window cleaning service and more information, so contact a Chorbie expert to get started today.

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