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Prepare Your Home For The Holidays: Pressure Washing

Prepare Your Home For The Holidays: Pressure Washing

It’s finally that time of year, the weather has gotten cool enough that outdoor activities are bearable. Also, the holiday season is right around the corner, giving you the perfect reason to prepare your home’s appearance for showing off. One chore that we recommend knocking out now is pressure washing your home. We’d also like to mention that this is a great chore to get done before doing a full junk removal cleanout of your home. With that said, Chorbie is here to help ensure that your pressure washing session goes over smoothly and with no incidents.

Why Pressure Wash?

Pressure washing is great for many reasons, it cleans off the accumulated grime, bird droppings, and most stains on your home. It also removes any mold and mildew that can cause damage to not only your home but potentially your family’s health. On top of all that, it gives your home a sparkly clean shine that you may have forgotten it could have.

Chorbie’s How-To Guide

Safety, Safety, Safety!

  • To prepare your home for pressure washing there are a few things you need to know. For one, while pressure washing you can get the area you are working in really wet extremely quickly. This means you will want to cover anything in the surrounding area that you do not want to get sprayed.
  • The pressure washing machine has a lot of kinetic energy behind it and can send things flying. This is especially true if they are not secured down or moved out of the way. This energy can also harm people if not handled correctly. Make sure to keep your kids, pets, and plants away while performing this chore.

Clean Up And Close Up

  • We all know electricity and water do not go well together, so clean up any cords or electronics that pose a safety hazard to the area. An easily overlooked area is electrical sockets around the exterior of your home, unplug any cords and cover the sockets until finished.
  • One other tip is to make certain all of your exterior doors and windows to your home are locked and properly sealed with weather stripping. You do not want a secondary chore that includes cleaning up all of the water in the interior of the home.

Getting That Perfect Clean

  • Lastly, when pressure washing, be sure to start at a safe distance then gradually close the distance from the gun to the surface until you are achieving the desired cleaning level, this is an art more than a science.
  • Many people think they need to add detergents, but this can decrease the amount of pressure needed to remove dirt. The pressure washing machine has a great amount of power, so be sure you handle it correctly so you don’t end up with water damage. Although, starting with a detergent and less pressure can help with dirt removal when it’s time to use more pressure.

Let Chorbie Help You

Pressure washers are a great tool when used precisely. They provide exceptional value to the appearance of your home. It is very important to keep in mind that you do not want to take this chore lightly since damage could be done. If this seems like too much of a chore for you, take it easy on yourself, your time, and your home. Let the experts handle the dirty work for you. Contact Chorbie today and let us manage all your home’s pressure washing needs, so you can tend to other important matters.

After you are done pressure washing, take your home to the next level of clean with a junk removal cleanout!

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