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Best Flowers To Plant In The Fall

Best flowers to plant in the fall

As Fall circles its way into our yards, the scenery waits to be changed to match the season. The commencement of Fall means bringing your garden and home to life with fall flowers. For homeowners looking for the perfect look, not just any flowers will do. Knowing just which flowers will bring that desired fall look is important for the perfect outcome and creating the home you envision. However, having the best possible fall garden doesn’t mean you have to go after a specific group of flowers. There is a large variety of colors and sizes regarding fall flowers leaving something for everyone!


Chrysanthemums are a great fall flower if you’re in search of something to create a cushion of color. Not only do these flowers range in colors like red, orange, yellow peach and white, the also vary from two inches to a few feet wide.


Pansies are a solid choice for fall planting. Their lovely colors are accompanied by heavy blooming. Best of all, they consistently bloom from Fall to Spring. (That is unless the average temperature falls to and below 25º Fahrenheit.)


Another fall flower you can add to your garden is Dianthus. This flower will actually provide both your eyes and nose with a pleasant experience. Dianthus displays both beautiful colors (white, pink, red, and purple) while releasing flavorful scents. This plant blooms in Fall, becomes vegetative in Winter, and blooms again in Spring.

Other Options

There are, of course, other fall plants that do well in cooler temperatures. Some of the more common ones to consider are Violas, Flowering Cabbage, Flowering Kale, and Dusty Miller.

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Fall Flowers

Whether you’re looking to fill a container garden or simply to fill the soil around your home, these are a few top picks to match the fall color. Chorbie experts can provide you with assistance in finding the best-fitting flowers for your lawn. To get started in the right direction and find the best flowers for you, contact Chorbie today and give life to the fall season in your yard.

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