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Fall Watering 101

Fall watering 101

Fall may seem like the end of the growing season, but your plants see things differently than that in Texas. Soil moisture remains an important consideration during this time of year for perennial plants and shrubs. Here, we consider some of the best tips you need to have the upper hand with your lawn this fall. This is Fall Watering 101 for Texas homeowners to stay on top of their lawns and plants routinely need this season.

How Often You Should Water Your Lawn

  • To begin with, watering your lawn in the fall should be much less intensive than watering your lawn during the summer in Texas. In fact, you don’t need to water your lawn every day. Instead, you will only need to water if you haven’t had a good soaking rain within seven to 10 days.
  • If you’ve gone longer than 10 days without such rain, you should water your lawn yourself, making sure to completely saturate the soil to ensure the job is done correctly for the optimal health of your lawn. For most soil types, this means watering your lawn at least twice per month when it comes to a routine watering schedule.
  • At the start of the fall season, you may find yourself needing to water a little more, but as the rains and moisture sets in you can slowly wean your watering down to twice per month. This is true throughout the fall season when temperatures drop and fall rains help to keep your plants and lawn looking their best for your enjoyment during these cooler months.

Watering Plants In The Fall Properly

  • If you have plants that you have recently planted within the same year, your watering may need to pay special attention to these features since they have not likely had the time to develop a strong enough root system to sustain themselves.
  • You should consider this approach for perennials, flowering trees, and new shrubs to assist them during their first year of growth. Helping them through this time through consistent watering will grant you big dividends for the next season and years to come. In particular, evergreens like yews, junipers, rhododendrons, and hollies thrive if they are able to prepare for the winter season by staying hydrated.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can enhance your plants’ roots by mulching your lawn since this advances rapid root growth and maximizes the gains of fall watering for all of your plants and shrubs.
  • Watering well before the winter freeze is the best protection for these plants, and we know that most freeze damage occurs in conjunction with overly dry conditions. So, keep your lawn hydrated between rains.

However, it’s important to know, once the ground begins to freeze, you should stop watering your lawn and plants since this is a clear sign that winter has set in.

How Chorbie Can Help With Fall Watering And Lawn Care

Fall is a choice season to really take advantage of the enjoyment of your lawn as well as for preparing it for the coming year of conditions. Chorbie is an excellent partner for safeguarding your plants against the coming freeze that fall precedes. Our experts are professionally trained to help homeowners craft their lawn to their unique liking regardless of the season or conditions. Let us help you discover the best way to treat and protect your lawn! Contact Chorbie to get started with a consultation on what you need for your lawn during the fall season and beyond.

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