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Fall Landscaping Checklist

Fall landscaping checklist

As summer comes to an end, we are all excited for the cool months that lie ahead during the fall season. Early fall is the ideal time to start preparing your lawn for the harsh winter month that your lawn will endure. Chorbie is here to help, by providing you our fall landscaping checklist to ensure your lawn stays healthy until spring rolls around again.

Get Rid Of Debris

Start by picking up debris in your yard as this will hinder you from completing the other much-needed tasks.

  • First, remove any dead or fallen leaves, dead branches, trash, and anything else that can smother your grass and prevent its ability to grow.
  • Next, take out any dead shrubs or trees that are taking up space in your yard.
  • You can check for signs of life by peeling back the bark at the base of the tree or shrub, if there is green underneath it could live on, if there is none that likely means it is dead.
  • Dig these out if they are dead, as the ground will harden around them making this task more difficult later on.

Continue To Mow And Water

A lot of people think once fall arrives all the lawn mowing and watering is over with. In reality, you should continue to mow and water your grass as long as it is growing. But, once the fall season comes to an end you can finish up by mowing the last two cuts to the lowest setting. This allows for more sunlight to get to the crown of the grass and makes it to where your soil is able to dry out quicker come spring.

Aerate And Mulch

Take advantage of the cool, fall season to apply liquid aeration to your lawn. Aeration speeds up the removal of excess thatch. that starves the grassroots of their essential nutrients while also alleviating soil compaction. Also make sure to add mulch in your yard, around plants and trees to prevent soil erosion and suppress unwanted weeds. For homeowners tending to a garden, fall is the best time to do maintenance on it since this can set you up perfectly for the next growing season and year. You can maintain your garden by

  • Getting rid of pesky weeds
  • Exterminating lurking pests
  • Trimming plants that need it
  • Ensuring your plants get adequate amounts of water

Start Checking Your Fall Checklist With Chorbie

Fall lawn care is something to be excited about because of the potential it will bring to your yard. Chorbie specializes in lawn care and landscaping, we are here to help homeowners around the DFW area achieve their dream home exterior. Take advantage of the season today and contact a Chorbie expert to get a head start on your lawn!

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