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Irrigation Management For The Summer

Irrigation management for the summer

Ask any Texan and they’ll tell you – everything really is bigger (and better) in Texas. It’s also a lot hotter here. While the summer months press down upon us, there are few places in the country that experience the same extreme heat that settles across the Lone Star State. With that kind of heat comes a few concerns for homeowners, such as how to water your lawn or garden in order to maintain it beautiful and healthy. Irrigation management plays a big role in helping homeowners achieve these much-needed goals that keep their lawns in tip-top shape all summer long.

When Should You Water Your Texas Lawn?

As the days become longer and hotter, timing becomes a vital component of watering your lawn and garden. In most cases, the ideal time is from six to ten in the morning. During these hours, the sun is out but not so bright or hot that water will be quickly evaporated. This means that your grass and plants receive as much hydration as possible.

Types Of Irrigation Management Systems

How you water your lawn is just as important as when. There are two main types of irrigation systems to choose from, and making the right choice comes down to identifying your type of yard and its specific needs.

Traditional Sprinkler System: Ideal for large, grassy areas.

  • During the summer months, opt to water with yours at least twice per week.
  • Keep in mind that your yard will lose about .25” of water each day through evaporation and transpiration, so choose your water schedule accordingly.
  • Dependent upon your location, you may also have to take into account city or HOA guidelines.
  • In order to make the most of your available watering time, split your sprinkler run times to cycle and soak.
  • Run the system until just before runoff occurs, allow some time for the water to soak in, and repeat.

Drip Irrigation System: Ideal for large garden areas.

  • These systems work through tubing that is snaked beneath the groundcover area of landscape beds.
  • This tubing allows for controlled delivery of water directly to the ground, throughout all areas of the garden so that no plant gets too much or too little.

Letting Your Lawn Go Dormant

During these hot summer months, the cost and water usage associated with lawn maintaining can add up. If that’s the case, the best option may be to allow the lawn to go dormant. Most yards can tolerate going dormant for about two months before the grass begins to die. A beautiful outdoor space with a proper water supply to keep your plants and lawn vibrant and healthy is a must for any homeowner. However, getting that perfect ratio of just the right amount of water, delivered at just the right time and frequency is a difficult balance to master. Fortunately, our experts at Chorbie are here to help!

How Chorbie Assists Irrigation Management

Our team of professionals can assess your home’s landscape and provide the perfect irrigation system to help you achieve and maintain the best possible results. Contact a Chorbie expert today to get the information you need to keep your lawn and plants healthy without overwatering or overspending.

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