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Landscaping And Sod Work In Cold Weather

Landscaping and sod work in cold weather

Warmer temperatures are nothing new to the residents of North Texas. We are well-versed in this climate and know how to properly care for our lawns during the warm weeks of spring and sweltering months of summer. Cooler weather, however, can be a bit more elusive. As temperatures begin to drop, you may wonder exactly what steps to take in your landscaping to preserve your hard-earned, beautiful lawn. Here is exactly what you should know:

Landscaping and sod work in cold weather

Clear Your Landscape Of Debris

Raking any leaves and debris that collect in your yard is a crucial step. This is done to protect the health and vitality of grass for spring. If left on the ground, they can stunt or even kill new grass growth. Furthermore, they can become a haven for insects and pests that you’d rather keep clear of your yard and home.

Cutting Your Grass For Winter

While the spring and summer months typically need a cut of between 3 and 3 and a half inches, your final lawn mowing before winter should be about an inch shorter. Mowing low at the end of the season is largely aesthetic, it also helps prevent unnecessary thatch from accumulating the following spring by mowing low and bagging excess dormant clippings.

Mulch And Prune Before Cold Weather

Just as your grass needs to be protected so do your plants, trees, and shrubs. Mulch is a great way to shield them from the coming harsh temperatures. This extra layer of ground covering will help control temperature fluctuations, as well as guard against soil erosion and loss of water. In addition to adding mulch around plants, autumn is a great time to do any needed pruning, as the dormant season gives the cuts plenty of time to heal.

Laying Sod In Cold Weather

Laying sod may not initially seem like something to complete in the fall or winter. In reality, however, the colder months of the year can be a great, beneficial time to tackle this task. While the sod roots may take slowly at first, they will pick up quickly when the weather begins to warm. In addition, installing sod during this time of year requires much less water, saving both time and money. Still, sod laid in winter will require a little extra precaution due to the elements, making it a good idea to consult a professional before attempting to install.

Winter Landscaping And Lawn Care In Dallas

Landscaping and sod work shouldn’t be discontinued just because the weather has started to cool. There are still important steps to take to safeguard the health and vitality of your grass, plants, and trees. Chorbie can help you get a step ahead on all your lawn maintenance needs and ensure the job gets done correctly. Contact us today for any questions about landscaping or installing sod and how we can help you.

Landscaping and sod work in cold weather

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