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Pulling vs Spraying Weeds In A Flower Bed

Pulling vs spraying weeds in a flower bed

They’re your garden’s worst enemy and when they come, they seemingly come all at once and from out of nowhere. What are they? They are weeds that infest your garden. And they steal from your plants and bring about a not-so-great look. Who wants that? Luckily, there are two ways of getting rid of weeds. The first way is to pull them and the second way is to spray them. Whether you are pulling vs spraying weeds in a flower bed each method has its benefits.

Pulling Vs Spraying Weeds

Pulling weeds out of your lawn can be difficult or easy depending on the time you choose to do it. If choosing to pull the weeds, it’s best to wait until the soil is damp and moist, such as after a rain.


Also, a good thing to note is that pulling is a better option when the weeds are over two feet tall. This way uprooting the weeds is much easier and doesn’t require as much effort.


Pulling weeds when they’re dry leads to snapping the weed off above the root, allowing it to grow back. If you don’t like waiting for the rain to come your way, you can hose down the weeds with water. This gives them the ability to soak into the soil overnight.

The Tools You’ll Need

Whenever you are pulling weeds with deep roots, use a small hoe to dig around the stem to loosen the surrounding soil. This makes the process much easier. If you choose to spray weeds it can require a lot less strenuous work but you have to be most careful when taking this route.

  • Spraying weeds can be a better option if you are up against a large number of weeds and if the weeds are under two feet tall.
  • Roundup is a great spray to use as it kills anything that it’s sprayed, it just carefully needs to be applied. It also has no long-term soil activity, as it will only affect the plant that it has been sprayed on the foliage. Roundup is very safe and effective when used as the directions insist on the bottle.
  • Weedkiller sprays are available that are sprayed directly onto the weed to kill it, usually killing the weed after one day. Be sure to use enough weed killer to fully kill the entire plant so it doesn’t return.
  • Depending on what spray you use, it can be harmful to other plants in your garden. It is best to keep the spray on the weeds only as to not hurt any desirable plants.
  • When the weed is dead it still has to be removed via being pulled out.

The Best Option

When deciding between pulling your weeds or spraying them always keep in mind the ups and downs of both options. For expert help with weeds growing around your home contact a Chorbie expert for assistance. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to call an expert today!

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