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Replacing A Broken Sprinkler Head

Replacing a broken sprinkler head

Damaging a sprinkler head is an easy task to accomplish, especially when riding a lawnmower. As many lawns have inconspicuous sprinkler heads, it’s practically inevitable to at least break one at some point. In order to prevent further accidents and damage, knowing how to properly replace a broken sprinkler head is imperative for homeowners. When completing any kind of job having the right tools is important. In order to replace your sprinkler head, you’ll need a garden spade, a screwdriver, a shop vac, and a metal-cutting spade. Once you’ve gathered your tools, you’re ready to begin.

Steps To Replace A Broken Sprinkler Head

  • To start, you will need the garden spade, scoop out dirt that’s surrounding the sprinkler head. Doing this will allow you to have maneuvering room. While making room, only dig eight inches around the sprinkler head and far enough to see the waterline and the entirety of the head.
  • Once you have reached the waterline, it is time to unscrew the broken head. If the head is at the low spot of a watering zone, more than likely your hole will fill with water, and mud will get into the waterline. To prevent the issue, use the shop vacuum to remove the mud.
  • Next, you’ll need to set the new head height, beginning by cutting the riser to length. When cutting through the multiple-threaded poly cutoff riser, use a metal-cutting blade to have a guaranteed smooth cut. Afterward, cut the edge with your knife, and install the riser on the head. Then screw the head into the waterline, and check the height.
  • When the height is correct, turn on the zone and flush the line for a minute. Next, remove the flush nozzle and install the correct nozzle for the head. Now that you’re in the home stretch, install the new sprinkler head and backfill by screwing the riser into the irrigation tube and then the sprinkler head. Lastly, make sure to replace all of your prior surrounding dirt and sod.

Contacting Chorbie

Breaking a sprinkler head is easy, replacing it correctly, on the other hand, can be confusing. In fact, repairing sprinkler systems, in general, can be confusing. The secret to maintaining your sprinkler system, whether that means changing a broken sprinkler head or handling other sprinkler repairs, is to have professional sprinkler technicians diagnose and repair it in a breeze. For assistance in dealing with any kind of sprinkler system problem contact a Chorbie expert today.

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