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Signs You May Need A Sprinkler Repair

Signs you may need a sprinkler repair

Convenience is everything these days, especially when it comes to yard work and chores. Home owners can make simple additions to ease the burden of keeping their yard beautiful and clean, and Chorbie is here to help you do that. A specific addition that makes life a lot easier is a sprinkler system to help water your yard. Though these systems can be great and efficient while making daily chores a breeze, they are useless if in need of a sprinkler repair.

Signs you may need a sprinkler repair

Sprinkler Repair Signs

To ensure proper functionality of your sprinklers, we are here to share our top tips to all homeowners. It may seem overwhelming to know if they are working properly so here are some signs to look out for to see if you have a certain problem:

  • Uneven water pools are a clear sign that the system is not working properly and need sprinkler repair. You want to ensure the sprinklers are not over-doing one part of your yard. It’s common for certain areas to be retaining water.
  • Dry spots also indicate the sprinkler head may need to be adjusted or a valve needs to be inspected.
  • A sputtering sprinkler is an obvious sign of damage but should be fixed quickly. Especially if you are trying to protect your yard’s health. This occurs when the sprinkler head has developed cracks or becomes clogged with debris.
  • Loss of pressure is something to look out for as well, too little pressure unevenly waters your yard while too much pressure wears at the system quicker than you would like. This issue stems from irrigation pipes that are susceptible to the movement of the ground and tree roots.
  • A high water bill is the last indicator of an oncoming sprinkler repair. You should get the sprinklers checked to see where water is escaping.

Taking Care Of Your Lawn

When your sprinkler system is fully operational and functioning correctly watering your lawn is a breeze. When things go wrong it can be confusing and frustrating to sit out in the Texas sun and identify as well as fix the problem. Let the experts at Chorbie help keep your sprinkler system at its best quality! Contact us for more information today.

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