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Tips For Planting This Fall

Tips for planting this fall

Fall is the ideal time of year to take on gardening projects around your home. But as we all know, yard work can be time-consuming and complicated especially when looking to make a difference. Chorbie is here to share our top tips for planting in the fall, that way your at-home projects go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Soil: Build The Right Foundation

Following these basic tips will help you along the way and can help you build the garden of your dreams. One of the most important things to think about is the soil, ensuring your plants have the right nutrients will help them grow and look more healthy. You should consider using compost for your garden as it improves the growth of your plants. You can add compost by hand or by using a tiller. We recommend incorporating two to four inches of compost.

  • Mulch can also be a great tool to utilize, it prevents weeds while retaining moisture. Simply lay two to three inches of mulch over the soil around the plants, but make sure to avoid using it on trunks, crowns or stems as it can lead to rot.
  • You can also improve your garden soil by digging up the existing soil to a depth of approximately ten inches and breaking up clods and removing stones, this will allow your plants to spread their roots. One last tip, never use cacao fiber if you have dogs as this type of soil is poisonous to them.

Give Your Plants Space

Another common mistake made by homeowners is overcrowding when planting, this inhibits your plants from growing to their full potential. You can avoid overcrowding by reading the label when planting specific plants, this tells you how much space they need as well as how much sunlight or shade is recommended for their species.

Watering And Final Tips

Owning a home and garden inevitably means you’ll be doing a lot of watering, we recommend planning ahead and setting up a watering system. A drip system works well for many gardens and can make caring for your plants much easier. A regular garden hose or sprinkler can do the trick as well, it simply depends upon the investment you are willing to make. Lastly, be sure to clean your gardening tools when you are done using them. If you leave old dirt you could potentially transfer plant mold or disease from one bloom to another.

Get Started Now With Chorbie

Now that you have a leg up on the upcoming fall season, you are ready to plant a thriving garden! The Chorbie experts are here to assist you in all your gardening needs and questions. Contact us today for more information about planting this fall or other landscaping and lawn care needs you may have.

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