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What Season Should You Stop Irrigation?

What season should you stop irrigation?

There is a lot of work that an irrigation system can help with. It waters plants and vegetation around your home and helps to create healthy outdoors. However, proper usage and knowledge of an irrigation system are important for any homeowner looking to receive maximum benefit. Knowing which season is best to stop irrigation for your home can help you to save tons of time, not to mention much wasted water.

What season should you stop irrigation?

When To Stop Irrigation

The simplest answer to which season you should shut off your irrigation system, as you might have guessed, is winter. And, there are many reasons that shutting off your irrigation system at this time is a wise choice. But, the specific time to turn off your irrigation system is when temperatures in your region start to dip below freezing at night.

What To Watch Out For!

A common mistake that many homeowners make is turning their irrigation off prematurely when fall hits. They mostly do this thinking that their lawn will require less water during the season change. In truth, the lawn needs the proper amount of moisture that your irrigation system still brings, rainwater, or not. During this time, your yard and lawn should be receiving about one inch of water per week, unless it’s in a state of dormancy. In all likelihood, this means that rainfall and irrigation will stay the same until October before it falls to a half-inch in November and temperatures begin to drop.

How To Shut Down Irrigation

When the time comes to finally shut down your irrigation system for the season, make sure to consult your irrigation system’s owner’s manual to ensure you complete the process correctly and without error. If not, the change during the season may damage and hurt your lawn. In general, though, the steps to shutting down an irrigation system is simple.

  • Start by shutting down the controller of your irrigation system (if it has one), and then shut off the water.
  • Next, drain the irrigation components of your irrigation system that exist above ground since they could potentially hold sitting water. These could freeze during the winter season and cause considerable damage. You can use an air compressor for this task or hire help.
  • Last, go back and recap all your system points that have been drained to ensure that debris does not enter any of the lines and potentially stop the system from flowing.

Reaching Out To The Experts

Now, knowing when the appropriate time to shut off your irrigation system and seeing how to perform this task, you can begin to take total advantage of your yard by treating it to optimal conditions and getting the most enjoyment from it. For your lawn and landscaping needs, reach out to Chorbie for professional and speedy assistance. We are a mere phone call away, and we love to assist homeowners in bringing enjoyment and health to their outdoors. Contact us today.

What season should you stop irrigation?

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