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Differences Between Lawn Care & Landscaping

Differences Between Lawn Care & Landscaping

You might think that the terms landscaping and lawn care are interchangeable when expressing practical attention to the outside of your home. However, these terms do have different meanings, and it’s essential to know the difference when you hire expert help. When working with companies that provide these services, you will then notice that they offer either landscaping or solely lawn care. However, Chorbie offers both services. It’s always crucial to understand what distinguishes lawn care from landscaping in order to choose the best course of action for your lawn. Our team helps you keep your lawn healthy, maintain a beautiful environment, and design pleasing landscapes.

Lawn Care

When caring for a lawn and landscape, there are many services needed to keep them maintained and under control. These services include fertilization, weed control, cleanups, mowing, aeration, pruning, and more.

  • Lawn mowing falls below the lawn care category as does keeping grass contained and controlled. This includes providing proper nutrients and weeding.
  • Cleanups of trash and debris are also common.
  • Pruning and aeration are part of lawn care because they maintain health and keep things appealing.
  • Aeration loosens soil and allows for nutrient absorption while pruning removes dead wood and broken branches.

Overall, lawn care ensures your lawn doesn’t become wild, unhealthy, unattractive, or overrun with pesky or dead plants.


Landscaping is a completely different set of activities. It means planning and converting any area into a beautiful place to enjoy. This set of services can improve and increase the quality and value of your property. Unlike lawn care, landscaping services include hardscapes: the installation of patios, walkways, pools, and so forth. During a landscape design project, you would plant beds, install garden sculptures, and erect fountains. These activities go beyond the simple health and appearance of grasses and trees to include all the design and construction of your environment outside. Additionally, planting trees and shrubs is a great example of a landscape maintenance activity that brings beauty to your yard. Overall, anything that you might do to improve your lawn would fall under landscaping. On the other hand, lawn care includes the mere maintenance of your current design.

How Chorbie Performs Lawn Care And Landscaping

Now that you understand the difference between lawn care and landscaping, it’s time to consider which set of services most meet your current goals. Are you in a phase of development and design or rather health and maintenance? Chorbie can help you with all these. You can contact us for a quote and consultation to get started with lawn care or landscaping. Let us help you unveil the true beauty of your yard with glowing health and smart design. Contact Chorbie to get started with a quote so that you can begin enjoying your land and saving your time through professional service!

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