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How To Care For A Lawn With Dogs

How to care for a lawn with dogs

Having a lush, green lawn will enhance the visual aspect of your home like never before. Though, maintaining your lawn in this fashion can be quite the challenge if you are sharing it with canine companions. Having proper knowledge of how to care for a lawn if you have dogs is essential for homeowners looking to keep their yard at its best.

Best Practices For Lawn Care With Pets

There are multiple different methods you can utilize to keep your lawn intact with furry companions. The best place to start is with proper lawn care. This is a top priority and should be completed the right way. This is especially important for homeowners who have dogs. The typical care plan includes mowing your grass at the proper height, utilizing lawn fertilizer, watering your lawn when needed, and much more. These basic and common chores serve as the backbone for a healthy lawn when maintaining yours for your pets.

When Nature Calls

  • As everyone that has ever owned a dog knows, they are very messy and need to be picked up after often. When your dog uses the bathroom on your lawn, their urine contains nitrogen and salts. This can burn your lawn, leaving it looking yellow to brown with dead patches. Using water to flush the urine spots will get rid of the harmful nitrogen and salts from the grass. Overall, greatly reducing any damage done to your lawn.
  • Feces removal is part of caring for your lawn as well. It’s not as harmful as urine is for your lawn, but it can have a very negative effect on the appearance of your lawn. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog as often as you can when they are outside. This way you can determine where they like to use the bathroom and know which areas will usually need to be tended to.
  • A great tip is to designate a certain area with a marking post, such as a large rock, and make this the potty area. Take your dog by it every time they need to do their business, and reward them when they do so. This will encourage them to make that area their primary bathroom spot.

Lawn Damages Dog Can Cause

Dogs can do a great deal of damage to your lawn over time too, calling for repairs. They are known to tear lawns up through activities like digging or even just playing too rough. Reseeding or resodding in fall and spring can remedy these situations. However, letting them go unmanaged can lead to further damage on your lawn and an even more costly repair. High traffic areas can lead to compaction and dead grass. Spending time with your pet outside can reduce them running from one side of the yard to another at the same time constantly. Regular Aerations can also help offset the additional traffic on your lawn.

Contact Chorbie For All Of Your Lawn Maintenance Needs

Having dogs and a healthy lawn is definitely manageable, but it does require some extra effort. Our experts at Chorbie can make all your lawn chores a breeze, and give you the lawn you desire, even if you have dogs. Contact one of our specialists today to get started. We look forward to helping you keep your lawn healthy and strong!

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