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How To Care For A New Sod Lawn

How to care for new sod lawn

Having an eye-catching new sod lawn can be exciting for any homeowner given the multitude of benefits it brings. Along with the stunning visual appeal it grants, also comes a responsibility to maintain proper lawn care. There is a lot that goes into the caring and nurturing of a new sod lawn installation to keep a healthy lawn, while also meeting all its needs. Below we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to care for sod lawns.

What You Need To Know About Installing Your New Sod Lawn

Sod is perishable and needs to be installed directly upon receipt. It should always be followed up with a deep watering to remain healthy. If you choose to keep sod rolled up, it allows for heat to build within, which can cause damage to the turf.
Once the sod has been laid, you will want to begin your irrigation system deeply, six inches down to the soil until it’s soggy to walk on. Make sure to maintain sod care through the first day. You can cause a great deal of damage to your new lawn if it’s not cared for properly.

Post Sod Lawn Installation Tips

For the first two weeks after installation, there are some essential tips to know about caring for your sod lawn. Having a routine watering schedule is an absolute must. It’s almost impossible to see overwatering of new sod. Most new sod will only need a max of two waterings a day during the summer months. During the fall and spring, you can usually water once per day. In the winter, every 2-3 days when the temps are below 60 is adequate to keep your sod lawn in great condition. This care schedule is required until the sod’s root system grows and becomes intact with the soil.

When Can I Mow My Sod Lawn?

The first mow can take place approximately 14 days after your installation. However, if you have it installed during winter, it will require more time prior to the initial mow. Make sure to set your mower blades high to never cut more than one-third of the grass blade. This is the least stressful way to cut the new sod.
Before your first mow, you will want to cut back on the frequency of watering the sod so it has time to firm up. As a rule of thumb, stay off of your new sod until after the first mow.

Routine Maintenance For Your Sod Lawn

Three to four weeks after the new sod installation, it becomes easier to maintain than it was initially. You should begin to re-adjust your watering to a lower frequency gradually after each mowing, while simultaneously increasing your minutes per watering. At this point, deeper and less frequent soakings will help roots grow further down, giving them a better opportunity to establish in the soil.
To check how well this process is progressing, you can give your turf a tug to see how rooted in it actually is. Lastly, be sure to fertilize the sod lawn at one month to continue the growth of the roots and maintain its establishment.

Work With Your Local Lawn Experts At Chorbie

Reaping the benefits of a freshly installed sod lawn is great to have unraveled in front of your eyes. However, caring for it properly to make certain it grows to an established landscape can be quite complicated. Contact a Chorbie expert for the perfect step-by-step guide. We can provide the assistance you need to get the sod lawn you desire today!

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