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3 Most Common Fall Pests Around Your Home

3 most common fall pests around your home

When you imagine fall your mind may fill with thoughts of crisp, cool air and the changing colors of leaves. What you are less likely to envision (although very likely to encounter) are fall pests. With each season, there are insects, rodents, and more which have the potential to invade your yard and home. Understanding the possible threat of these common fall pests and how to combat them will help keep your home protected year-round.

Common Fall Pests Homeowners Encounter

Rats and Mice

When the weather begins to cool, rodent season gets underway. This means that pests like rats and mice are more likely to be seen around your home in the fall. While they like to stay hidden away they can still cause big damage. They will chew through paneling, wires, and other materials in an effort to build nests. Once they settle in, they can be notoriously difficult to evict.


Roaches prefer warmer atmospheres and will often look to houses to escape the dropping temperatures. Once inside, they can quickly reproduce and what might begin as a minor issue can turn into a full infestation. In addition to the nuisance they present, there are also health concerns associated with roaches, which can carry harmful bacteria like salmonella, staph, and strep. Properly assessing and handling a roach infestation is necessary to prevent their return, but it can also be a very tricky process. Contacting pest control professionals is the best option to fully and completely rid your home of roaches.

Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Fall marks the last stand of pests like wasps as they build nests for the coming winter. While the coldest months of the year will see wasps and yellow jackets become mostly inactive, they remain quite busy during autumn. They are attracted to sweets that have been left out or in trash cans, and they tend to nest in places like garages, sheds, and around the exterior of your home. While options like wasp sprays can help you eliminate these pests, they can pose a serious threat of possible allergic reaction and require extreme caution.

Dallas-Fort Worth Pest Control

Seasonal pests are a big issue for homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Understanding exactly what you’re dealing with and how to eliminate it effectively and safely can be a big and confusing job. That’s where the pest control experts at Chorbie can help. Contact our team for an estimate regarding services for your home, and rest easy with the peace of mind that all of your pest concerns have been handled properly.

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