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Does Pest Activity Increase After A Rainstorm?

Does pest activity increase after a rainstorm?

Texas has a lot of great qualities but having to endure constant rainstorms isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, this is no strange occurrence for any Texas resident, especially in the Spring and Summer seasons. It’s a bittersweet thing as falling rain does bring about many great benefits, while at the same time, there are some negative effects as well. What are we getting at? When it comes to pests, a lot of homeowners wonder if the rain can actually increase pest activity and we are here to fill you in on just that.

Does Pest Activity Increase After A Rain Storm?

To get straight to the point, rainstorms do greatly increase pest’s movement and habits. It’s an unfortunate side effect of rain. It’s certainly not an easy problem to solve either because, in reality, this is one of the most likely situations that you will need professional pest control to keep pest problems at bay.

Does pest activity increase after a rainstorm?

What The Rainfall Does

Rainfall actually drives pests indoors because accumulating water actually makes it more difficult for them to survive outside. The building rainwater can pool up and drown out nests and colonies, essentially forcing the pests to find a drier place to take shelter.

The Moisture Is Key

Rain also provides the moisture needed for pests to feed off around your home. All pests from termites to cockroaches need some sort of moisture to survive, and rainy weather brings them that perfectly. All the moisture that is left behind from rain and standing water gives pests more energy, allowing them to reproduce a lot faster than normal too. Instead of them dying outside in the rain, this extra boost of energy gives them what they need to find their way inside of your home

Wearing Down Your Property

Frequent storms and heavy rain create or wear down access points to your home making it easier for pests to get in, this can really compromise pest management. It’s important to know that even the smallest of holes and crevices into your home make easy access for pests to find their way inside. That coupled with the increased chance to reproduce means they’ll come into your home and quickly turn into an infestation. At this point, there becomes more competition for food and space among the pests driving them deeper into your home greatly increasing the problem. It’s best to stop these problems before they get too far along because rainstorms only make the entire process much more difficult.

Call An Expert

Don’t take up the fight against these invaders alone, contact a pest control service to have your back the whole way. Chorbie is here to assist all homeowners in keeping pests out of their homes so they don’t have to deal with these issues no matter the type of insect. Contact a Chorbie expert today to get professional help so you don’t have to worry about pests anymore.

Does pest activity increase after a rainstorm?

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