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Does Rain Affect My Pest Treatment?

Does rain affect my pest treatment?

Maintaining a healthy living environment and a beautiful lawn all require pest control. Pests can present all sorts of problems when treatment measures are not put into place, ranging from a mere nuisance to potential danger,. Naturally, keeping all of these unwanted creatures away is a priority for most homeowners. One of the most common pest control concern is whether pest treatments may potentially be affected by rain and water. So today we are answering this commonly asked question: does rain affect my pest treatment? Rest assured, it does not and here is why.

Impact Of Rain On Pest Treatments

It’s a common joke that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute for it to change. This is especially true for our local North Texas homeowners. Planning any kind of project that is weather-dependent can be tricky at best, and it’s natural to assume that pest control could be one such project. Fortunately, this is one area where rain should not dampen spirits. Here is why:

  • Most pesticides are applied around the exterior of the home, close to the foundation. These areas are typically covered by an overhang structure which helps keep them dry during rainfall.
  • Liquid forms of pest control can be a micro-encapsulated formula, meaning they will stick to the surface where they are applied. They will not wash off with rain, rather they deteriorate over time.
  • Granular insecticides can actively benefit from rain. These tiny pellets work when they penetrate the soil. Rain brings moisture and softens the soil, make it easier for the pellets to get deeper into the ground.
  • Certain types of treatments actually require moisture in order to activate. In these cases, rain can be especially beneficial.
  • Rain often brings pests to the surface and out of their burrowed homes, making them more susceptible to the treatments.

As a general rule, rain in combination with pest control treatments is not a reason for concern. The only hindrance may come from excessive amounts of rain that prevent you from getting outdoors to apply the treatment.

Pest Control Services In North Texas

Pest control is among the simplest, most effective steps you can take to protect the wellbeing of your home and lawn. If potential rainfall has deterred you from taking this important step in the past, rest assured that there is no cause for concern. Still, dealing with pests can be tricky. If you want to ensure that it is done correctly the first time, consider contacting professionals like those at Chorbie, and let our team of experts save you both time and money!

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