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Environmentally Friendly Snakes

Environmentally friendly snakes

When snakes come to mind, many of us tend to be a little uneasy towards them. However, snakes play a significant role in helping maintain your property just as you do. Owning a home in Texas means having an encounter with a snake isn’t anywhere near farfetched. Though you should always steer clear of snakes, it’s important to know which ones are helpful around the house. Whether they’re eating rodents or keeping venomous snakes at bay, there are environmentally friendly snakes serving a positive impact on the environment. Here are a few environmentally friendly snakes that you should be aware of whenever you are out and about around the house.

Garter Snake

One useful snake is the common garter snake which can be a big helping hand in pest control. Garter snakes are tremendously adaptable to their environments and occupy a variety of habitats. Nonetheless, they prefer living in areas near the water due to their excellent swimming skills. This environment contains frogs which are included in their diet as well. If you have ever tangled with slugs eating plants in your garden, then garter snakes can be a key beneficial factor to your yard.

Gopher Snake

Next up is the gopher snake, also known as the bull snake. This snake is a farmer’s best friend because they are the perfect predators for taking on small rodents that are damaging to crops. They serve as a great security for barns, greenhouses, or sheds where rodents are attracted to loose animal feed, garden crops, and fertilizer. While beautiful in appearance, you can identify this snake by recognizing its spotted base, yellowish beige color, and dark brown spots. They are commonly mistaken for rattlesnakes however, they lack white bands around their tails. In addition, the gopher snake can grow up to five feet long and pose no threat to humans or pets.

King Snake

Lastly, another valuable environmental snake is the notorious king snake. If you notice several rattlesnakes around your property, then the king snake is your best ally to have. Their immunity to venom allows their diet to consist of rattlesnakes in addition to many other snakes. Their color ranges from solid black to bright, vibrant patterns. One species of the king snake is known as the milk snake. This snake is often confused with the feared coral snake. Kingsnakes are constrictors and although they aren’t venomous, they are the king when it comes to snakes in Texas.

Keep Your Distance

Make no mistake, snakes are your friend, but they shouldn’t be tampered with regardless of the situation. If you have an unwanted snake in your yard, contact an expert for proper removal. Always remember to never attempt engaging with it. Letting a snake go about its day can really pay off in the long run as a homeowner, and the snake as an animal.

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