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How To Get Rid Of Ground Hornets

How to get rid of ground hornets

As a homeowner having a pesky pest control problem or infestation near your home can cause a lot of issues. One pest we see a lot here in Texas is ground hornets and the troubles they bring homeowners. But luckily there are ways around this problem leading you to take back control of the situation and overall your home. Knowing how to get rid of ground hornets is a must while living in Texas since you always run the risk of coming in contact with them.

Locating The Problem

The first step to getting rid of ground hornets is assessing where they are and their home is. Once you identify the problem, it becomes easier to pinpoint where to apply the solution. Ground Hornets do not like wet areas but will choose to live in moist areas sometimes to burrow and build their hornet’s nest. They primarily choose dry areas to build their nests at so look there first when beginning your search for them. The commonplace they like to build nests is in the ground as areas like these provide the perfect living conditions, they build a paper nest in hallowed underground caverns.

Check The Dirt

A sign you can notice that will tell you that you are dealing with an infestation or will be in the near future is if you spot small grainy pieces of dirt piled close by a hole in your yard. Once you’ve identified where your nest is, next is to take action against it and get rid of it. It’s important to get rid of the nest and all the wasps when doing removal so they don’t have any chance to rebuild.

Wait Until It’s Dark

For safety reasons, it’s best and advised to do the treatment at night or shortly after sunset since ground hornets can not see very well. Now there are three main techniques of actually getting rid of the ground hornets invading your space.

The Three Methods

  • First, you can purchase and use a wasp trap to get rid of ground wasps. Basically, it works in the way that you lure all the pests to an area using fruit juice or meat and then use the trap to dispose of them.
  • Second, you can DIY with hornet bait kits along with meat to kill wasps in your lawn. Essentially you put the meat out with the insecticide on it and as the hornets eat it, they become poisoned and die. This method works well for scavenging hornets too and is best used in the warmer months since the hornet’s diet will change away from meat in the colder months.
  • Lastly, you can use lemon ammonia which you can find at many stores in the household products for killing wasps and combatting a hornet nest. All you have to do is pour the recommended amount of these toxic chemicals into the hole leading to your nest to deal with your wasp problem. It’s best to mark the opening to the nest and then doing this at night since the hornets won’t be near as active.

A Professional Solution

Knowing just how to get rid of ground digger wasps can save you and your family from a potentially dangerous sting. Chorbie has an excellent pest control program and is here to help keep your home ground hornet-free. Contact us today for more information about preventing or getting rid of ground hornets in your yard.

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