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Wasps In Dallas: The Great Outdoor Threat

Wasps in dallas: the great outdoor threat

Insects can be a real pest to Dallas homeowners and the health of their home. Today we give bed bugs and spiders a rest to talk about a more dangerous pest – wasps in Dallas. There is a limited window of time to enjoy beautiful weather in North Texas and wasps can be a big threat to enjoying every available minute. How do you prevent wasps in Dallas? We’ll explain below.

The Overall Problem With Wasps In Dallas

You’ve probably batted a wasp or two away in your lifetime, but the numbers are growing. These wasps are a major concern for Dallas homeowners because they are known for being aggressive, unlike other pests.

If you live in the Dallas area you can get a head start on eliminating your encounters with them by ridding them of their hideouts. They normally build nests under eaves and overhangs, or generally up a little higher around the home.

To pinpoint exactly when to do this, the wasp normally comes out during the high heat seasons and live in colonies in vast numbers. Dallas is known for its hot summers and generally speaking, wasps are more active during the warmer hours of the day, meaning they will be outside all day during the summer with you.

The Threats Wasp Bring

Since they are flying insects, wasps can invade your home and lawn without warning. This is obviously a huge problem because they are almost impossible to eliminate entirely. In other words, there are no products on the market that can proactively keep wasps in Dallas from coming on to your property.

Wasps are Aggressive Invaders

Wasps in Dallas can be very aggressive and territorial to anyone venturing too close to their nests. Keep in mind that not all wasps/hornets attack offensive, some of them attack out of defense.

Wasp aggressiveness actually varies based on the type of wasp. Hornets, a small subset of wasps, are extremely aggressive, while dirt dobbers on the other end of the spectrum are almost completely docile unless physically harangued.

Some People are Allergic to Wasps

One of the more serious outcomes to avoid is an allergic reaction. Wasps pack a very painful sting that can be extremely dangerous for anyone that may be allergic to them.

What You Can Do

To make your property less inviting, don’t hang anything brightly-colored or floral-patterned outside your home as they mistake this for flowers which typically leads to them building a nest nearby.

Reduce the amount of perfumes, colognes, or scented soap you wear.

Don’t leave sweet things out in the open unattended. Wasps are attracted to sweet things like open cans of soda, fruit juices, and even fallen fruit from trees.

Protect Yourself and Call The Experts

When it comes to dealing with wasps, use extreme caution if you are going to use over-the-counter remedies. (Be sure to read and follow ALL instructions on the canister.)

If you need any help at all Contact a Chorbie expert for a professional assessment of your wasp problem. We will easily fix the issue to save you the time and hassle. Chorbie is here to make sure you enjoy your Dallas home with peace of mind.

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