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What To Do After Pest Control Sprays

What to do after pest control sprays

Pest control sprays help keep your yard and home free of unwanted insects. For many homeowners, routine pest control sprays are nothing out of the ordinary. Regardless of how frequently the treatment is done, a common question most owners have is what to do after the yard is sprayed. Having the proper knowledge of what to do afterward is important to ensure you get the most out of your pest control spray and service.

After Pest Control Sprays

Doing the right things after you spray your yard will keep the pesky insects and pests at bay, helping you get the most out of your service. Here’s what to do after pest control sprays:

What to do after pest control sprays

Get the Details

The first thing you need to do after a pest control spray is to know the detailed information about the specific treatment you received. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, depending on the type of treatment, for safety reasons you may need to wait a certain amount of time before going back onto your property. The type of treatment will also determine the most appropriate cleaning methods to use. If you use the wrong cleaning methods you may harm the effects of the treatment.

In most scenarios, you can clean the treated area after about three to five days (but this varies depending on the type of treatment used). Immediately wiping down or sweeping could affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Do-it-yourself jobs can require significant clean up effort. However, when you use a professional service like Chorbie there won’t be a mess to clean up and you can be sure any clean up will be done the right way.

NOTE: It is important to clean up any food that may have been accidentally laid outside as it could be harmful regardless of the treatment used.

Home Maintenance

After a pest control spray, it is important to make sure you keep up with home maintenance. This is especially important for home repairs that can attract pests, such as leaky pipes. Be sure to regularly check for any leaks in pipes around your home and get them repaired as soon as possible. These can serve as an open door for pests and even attract new ones.

Keep It Clean

To ensure the effectiveness of your pest control spray, keep your yard and home clean. Avoid leaving any paper lying around as it is a source of feed for many pests. Once you spray your yard and home, you will start to notice dead pests lying around. It is essential that you keep these spots clean of the pests and do not let them build-up, as dead pests can easily attract other pests.

Get The Most From Your Pest Control Spray

Knowing what to do after a pest control spray can greatly affect the outcome of your treatment, if not taken seriously. One of the best ways to make sure you get the most out of your treatment is to work with a professional. If you’re searching for the perfect pest control company for your pest management issues, look no further than here. We have experts specializing in pest control who are always available. Request an appointment online or call us at (972) 697-5221 to schedule an appointment with a pest control specialist today!

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