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Why Are Wasps So Bad In The Fall?

Why Are Wasps So Bad In The Fall?

As cooler weather began its approach and the days became shorter, you may have breathed an initial sigh of relief that all those summer pests would soon be out of your hair. In short order, you may have also realized that one of those pests seems to not only be slowing down but actually is instead, picking up steam. Wasps are common in the summer, but they become even more active in the fall months, catching many off-guard. Why exactly do these winged, stinging insects get worse this time of year? There are several reasons.

Wasp Populations Are Greatest During Fall

  • All summer long, wasps are working to build up their nest and colony. In the fall, these nests are fully matured and at their max capacity. In addition, the larger colony requires more resources, meaning that more foragers will be sent out.
  • Between this heightened level of activity and their increased numbers, homeowners are more likely to encounter wasps at this time.
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They Are Working to Protect Their Queen

  • Nothing is more important to the survival of the wasp colony than the safety of the queen, as she is responsible for reproduction. In order to protect her for the coming winter, wasps often become more territorial and aggressive than in earlier months.
  • Approaching a wasp nest at any time should be done with caution, but this is particularly true during this time of year when they are more likely to attack.

They Need New Food Sources in the Fall

  • Wasps are also more likely to be encountered during the fall because they must seek out alternative food sources. In the spring and summer, they rely heavily on natural food sources such as flowers or other insects.
  • Once cooler months are here, however, these resources are in short supply. In turn, a wasp’s diet begins to use more carbs from human food sources that can be found in places such as patios, trash cans, and backyard picnics.

Home Repairs can Stir Up Hives

  • As you work around your home to prepare for winter and make changes needed for the coming year, you may be inadvertently contributing to your wasp problem. All that activity around the exterior of your home greatly increases the likelihood that you will encounter one of these aggravated insects.

Wasp Control In Dallas-Fort Worth

Although you may be seeing more wasps around your home lately, there are fortunately some steps you can take to eliminate them. By far, the most effective solution is to have an ongoing pest control service. Chorbie has been protecting homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area from wasps and other pests for years and has the expertise and skill needed to help you safeguard your yard and home. To get started with any of our services or for additional information, give us a call today.

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