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Why Spiders Are More Noticeable When It Gets Cold

Why Spiders Are More Noticeable When It Gets Cold

At one point or another, we have all encountered a spider crawling around our house. This can be a scary and stressful moment! These encounters may seem more frequent during the colder months to many homeowners in the DFW Metroplex. This leaves homeowners curious about why spiders are entering their homes when it’s cold and how to get rid of them.

Why Are Spiders More Noticeable During Colder Months?

Spiders are more noticeable in colder months for a reason you may not expect, they are actually going dormant due to their cold-blooded nature. You are more likely to see them once the temperature goes down because once it is cold they are less active and eventually go completely dormant. They are not seeking warmth as many people think!

What Does Dormancy Mean For Spiders?

  • Going dormant causes them to remain stationary for longer periods of time, allowing the window of time for them to be spotted by homeowners to be longer. After all, cold-blooded creatures’ body heat is the same temperature as the environment they are in.
  • Spiders are naturally equipped with a sort of antifreeze in their bodies that keeps them from freezing during harsh temperatures. Some spiders can withstand temperatures as low as below freezing. However, when a cold-blooded creature gets too cold they will die because crystals form inside their veins, stopping them from functioning.
  • You may notice spiders hiding under leaves, inside fallen logs, or in natural hiding spots. When spotted in cold temperatures, you can see that they remain extremely still trying to save as much energy as possible. They use natural hiding spots to try and stop their body from catching wind chills, which will lower their overall temperature potentially causing them to die.

Spiders Lingering In Your House

Unfortunately, spiders in your home is a different story. Since it may come as a surprise to you that they are not seeking warmth, a spider spotting means they have likely been there for a while. Spiders make their homes in quiet, warm places like wall voids, attic areas, and especially crawl spaces so always be on the lookout!

Help Getting Your Eight-Legged Visitors Out

If you do not want spiders around your home, like most of us do not, the professionals at Chorbie can help. Chorbie specializes in many tasks and jobs and one of those is pest control. Whenever you are ready, contact us to start getting rid of unwanted pests lurking inside your home.

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