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Signs Of: Mice In Your Home

Signs Of: Mice In Your Home

They’re smaller than rats, yet every bit as unwelcome as them, we are talking about mice. Mice are a problem for homeowners across the country, and can even reign supreme here in your home if you neglect the issue. Possessing the knowledge of how to spot signs of mice can make a difference for you and your home. It’s always best to act now and address pest control issues immediately.

Mouse Or Rat?

Mice are small creatures in stature but can be very devastating to a home. Telling the difference between a mouse and a rat may be difficult for some people, however. So to identify them apart here is an easy-to-follow tip. A mature mouse can be told apart from a young rat by its bigger ears and longer tail, compared to its body length than the rat. The younger rat will also have much larger feet and head than a mouse.

Look For The Signs!

Mice are nocturnal which makes them more prone to sleeping the day away and then scavenging your home at night. This combination only makes it harder to detect them. The good thing is they always leave behind many signs that will notify you of their presence in your home.

  • Mouse droppings are very common where they are since mice excrete between 50 and 80 droppings a night.
  • They are about 4-8 mm in length. Find them scattered randomly throughout areas like cupboards, the floor against the wall, or other small spaces.
  • Along with other tracks you pick up on, they leave behind footprints in areas with material on the floor such as dust or other grime.
  • If you smell urine or a musky odor it can be a clear sign of a mouse infestation since they urinate often.
  • Smelling urine means they are close in your home, and the stronger the stench the more likely the larger infestation.
  • Additionally, mice create urine pillars through their unsanitary habits once enough body grease, urine, and dirt are combined.
  • These urine pillars look yellow in color and are up to 2 inches tall and a half-inch wide.

Additional Hints To Their Presence In Your Home

  • You may hear them making scratching noises in your walls, ceilings, or floorboards at night.
  • Their nests are made up of materials that are easy for them to shred up leading to them gnawing up materials around your home, furthermore leaving behind more signs.
  • Gnaw marks can be found on wires, wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, or food packaging.
  • If you spot a dead mouse, that is often a very crystal clear sign that your mouse problem is out of control.
  • Look for mice outside of your home in areas like nearby sheds, garages, gardens, or other vegetation, and compost bins.
  • When looking for them indoors check places like basements, cellars, lofts, attics, laundry rooms, and especially the kitchen.

Don’t Allow Mice To Take Over Your Home

A rodent infestation is no joke and not what you want to live with. Don’t let these critters get their foot in the door in your home, since this only makes the problem that much worse. Contact pest control professionals to prevent a heavy infestation and to take prevention now. Chorbie experts have your back in defending your home against these invading pests and would love to help you, contact us today to get started!

Mice may not be your problem, however, there are many other pests coming this season to look out for like rats, wasps, and roaches.


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