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Signs Of: Wasps Nests Around Your Home

Signs Of: Wasps Nests Around Your Home

Wasp are nothing to play with and can pose a health hazard for you and your family here in Texas. A wasp problem can easily become a wasp infestation before you even realize they’re there if you don’t know what to look for. This is why knowing the signs of wasp and their nests around your home is must-have knowledge for any homeowner here in the DFW.

What To Look Out For

You may be experiencing more wasp activity than you expected this fall around your home. This more than usually will let you know there is a wasp nest nearby somewhere causing the issue.

  • For starters, wasp nests can be found around your home or property, in your garden, and or anywhere else close by.
  • They are made from chewed wood which gives the nest its own distinctive papery walls.
  • This is with all types of wasp here in the DFW except for mud daubers or “dirt daubers” which use mud or clay for their nests.

Paper Wasp

  • Paper wasp build their nests very exposed and open. It also looks like an upside-down umbrella with many holes in it.
  • Their nests can get to be somewhat large in the late part of the season making them easier to spot. Look for them under eaves, branches of trees, or even in old pipes around your home.
  • Sometimes other wasps will build their new nests on top of these already placed nests. This can give off the sense that they are reusing the nest but is actually false.
  • These types of wasps are aggressive and will sting if you come to close.


  • Yellowjackets are a wasp many people are familiar with and can identify here in Texas due to their distinct appearance.
  • Yellowjacket nests are usually found on man-made structures, wall voids, or even in the ground with only a single opening leading out.
  • If they choose to build their nest anywhere but underground, you can spot it by its papery covering.
  • Like many other wasps, you can find their nest by tracking them to where they fly. Try to find the ones flying in a line among a straight path to lead you to the nest.
  • Yellowjackets are very aggressive and territorial so be cautious when dealing with them.

Mud Daubers

  • Mud daubers are a large species of wasp that are around about 1 and half-inch to 2 inches, black in color, or even have a metallic blue sheen.
  • Their nests look like they are made out of mud and can resemble tubes.
  • They aren’t threatening to humans at all and serve as a form of pest control because they capture and feed spiders to their young, so it’s best to leave them alone.

Cicada Killer

  • Lastly, Cicada killer a wasp species you could encounter around your home.
  • They are also quite large in size, and their bodies are and black with a yellow band around their abdomen area.
  • This type of wasp build their nests underground just like yellowjackets can, but their nest go about a foot deep underground and are dug in loose soil.
  • Cicada Killer Wasps, unlike their name, don’t have nest protecting instincts and aren’t aggressive.
  • They can still deal out a very painful sting when agitated or trapped, however, so it’s best to steer clear of them.

Take Action And Proper Prevention Against Wasps

Wasp nests lead to wasp stings overall and that’s something as a homeowner, you shouldn’t have to deal with. For your wasp control needs call your pest control professionals here at Chorbie. Whether you are dealing with a current wasp problem now, or you just want to take action in prevention, give us a call. We are always excited to help and look forward to satisfying you.

Be on the lookout for other invasive pests around your home this season like rats, mice, and roaches!

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