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Chorbie offers a variety of services to Allen, TX. Click on the service you’d like more information about. You can also call us at 972-697-5221 to speak with someone about your needs.

For homeowners in Allen, landscaping and lawn care duties are an important duty and responsibility. However, you don’t have to deal with these tasks alone with Chorbie to assist. We are an experienced lawn care and landscaping company that has been solving homeowner’s lawn problems for years now. With us, you can ensure that whatever chore you need done, it will be handled to perfection with excellent care. To back us up, we have an exceptional customer service support team equipped to help you with all your lawn care and landscaping issues. Lastly, when you allow us to help you and your home, know that we only use the best of the best in products for the absolute top results. At Chorbie, we make it our mission to make a difference in your landscape!

Things We Love About Allen,


Allen is a beautiful and inviting city in the DFW area that has been around for quite some time. Originally it was popular in the late 1800s because there was a railroad that ran through it that allowed for sales of goods. Nowadays, the city stretches about 26 miles in size and is filled with amazing people as well as communities. In fact, the total population of Allen is estimated to be around 105,000 as of right now, but it is continually growing. Additionally, Allen is home to many company headquarters, the giant Watters Greek Convention Center, and there are also many parks and recreation centers to find. To add on, Allen is host to Collin College too where aspiring students can better themselves. Overall, it’s a great place to be in North Texas with a lot to offer to anyone. It’s easy to see why the city of Allen is growing so rapidly now, especially with all the kind people living there!

So Much To See and Do

Watter’s Creek
Watter’s Creek
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Watters Creek is what many would consider the perfect shopping or dining experience. The area is littered with nice stores and exquisite restaurants to get a tasty bite to eat. There is so much to do and see that this place will keep you coming back for more. The experience is like no other whether it be night or day during your visit. However, unlike your regular shopping center, this one has a playground for kids and a turf lawn.

Sometimes on the weekends, there are even concerts for the public to come out and enjoy. To top it all off too, the parking is absolutely free. Watters Creek is a hotspot for many people and it could be for you too when you give it a try

More Information at www.watterscreek.com
Allen Event Center
Allen Event Center
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The Allen Event Center is a well-renowned venue that hosts many different types of events. The events range from sports to concerts and even shows. There is almost always something going on so checking in to see what’s on the schedule is a must so you don’t miss out. The staff is beyond helpful and courteous to boot which only adds to the experience overall. If you get thirsty or hungry you can help yourself to the many concession stands that are scattered about, always ready to serve a refreshing drink or snack. There are many event centers in North Texas but Allen Event Center really stands out from the rest of the pack!

More Information at www.alleneventcenter.com
Celebration Park
Celebration Park
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Celebration Park located in Allen is among its own kind and really a great place to go with family and friends. The park is filled to the brim with activities for everyone regardless of what your favorite outdoor hobby is. There are tennis courts, sports fields, facilities for running and walking, and a water park. Fun in the sun is definitely one of the main things you’ll find here. The scenery makes for a perfect place to have an evening picnic too and just relax while taking it all in. To mention, it wouldn’t be a park without playground equipment. Luckily, it has that and it happens to be some of the nicest of any park around. It’s obvious to see why Celebration Park gets all the attention it does. For a fun time at the park, give this one a chance and you won’t regret it!

More Information at Allen's Celebration Park website

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