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The city of Corinth, a ‘hidden jewel’ of the north Texas lake area. A beautiful city where many love to call home. As with every home, lawn care and landscaping is an essential responsibility for every homeowner. To guarantee A lawn gets the treatment it needs, A handful of tasks come with getting to and maintaining a lawn to its healthy green state. No small chore, not a simple one either. You’re not alone on this, your friends at Chorbie’s Corinth lawn care and landscaping service will help see to it that your lawn gets the proper care and attention it takes to stay green throughout the year!

Things We Love About Corinth,


The city of Corinth is a fine place with many residents living there and calling it home. It is located directly in the DFW area and unlike many other cities, Corinth is all in one county only, which is Denton County. The city itself isn’t too large but is a host to a great and welcoming community. In all, Corinth is a little under eight square miles in total size and has around 22,000 homeowners living there as of now. This place is known for many things, but most notably, two professional football players came from there. There are Dusty Dcoracek, who played nose tackle for the Chicago Bears in 2001, and Josh Jackson, who recently in 2015 played cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. On top of that, there is a heap of entertainment venues, restaurants, and shopping stores to find. Whether you are a resident of the city or just visiting, this means you’ll always have something to do. Education is key in our lives too, as we all know. Corinth has some of the best school systems around to send your kids to. It’s split between two districts, however, the Lake Dallas ISD and Denton ISD schools. Depending on where your address is located dictates what school your children will attend. To add on, there is a collegiate level of learning here too. The North Central Texas College has one of its two branches located in Denton County allowing for easy access from the town’s residents. Corinth is a pick for many because of too many reasons to list, and you really can’t go wrong making it your family’s place to call home. Next time, you are out looking for something fun to do or even if you’re searching for a new home, give Corinth a gander and you may find exactly what you’re looking for.

So Much To See and Do

Corinth Community Park​
Corinth Community Park​
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Spending time at the park is a favorite activity for many Texas residents and it's easy to see why. The same can be said for anyone visiting the Corinth Community Park with all it has to offer. To start off, the park is always well maintained so you can expect it to always look its best year-round. To add on, tons of free parking areas are available at the park so you don't waste time looking for a spot. When it comes to the amenities at the Corinth Community Park, there is so much to do. Take a walk or bike ride on one of the trails or sidewalks for some exercise accompanied by scenic views. Or instead, you can head down the pond and cast out your line for an evening of relaxing fishing. There is even playground equipment for children and fields for sports to be played. Of course with so many fun activities to take part in, it's important to have somewhere to rest and chill out. For that reason, the park has pavilions, water fountains, tables, benches, and shaded areas to cool off. For a fun time spent outdoors, look no further than Corinth Community Park! Stop by and see just how much fun you, friends, and family can have and you won't be disappointed.
Old Alton Bridge​
Old Alton Bridge​
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Texas is known for many things, and one of those, in particular, is the history you can find here. The Old Alton Bridge is a sight to see and fits perfectly in the box of historic architecture being recognized as a historic icon. This old iron truss bridge was built all the way back in 1884 by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company. The reason it was built back then was because, at the time, people needed a way to get across Hickory Creek. In the 1800s there were mostly horses and soon after came the beginning of automobiles. All the way up until 2001 the Old Alton Bridge has served its purpose in doing what it was designed to do, which is allow for travel. However, the bridge still attracts many people but just in a different way. It's perfect for adventurers, nature enthusiasts, photographers, or anyone just looking to find a scenic view. It truly is a unique experience to see it in person and worth it entirely. If you are a resident of Corinth you can't pass up this beautiful and historic spectacle, so make sure you don't miss out!

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