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Chorbie offers a variety of services to North Richland Hills, TX. Click on the service you’d like more information about. You can also call us at 972-697-5221 to speak with someone about your needs.

Life tends to get very busy around North Texas for homeowners throughout the year. It only makes sense that with so many people, cars moving, and things going on that we often get tied up and have limited time. This can lead to falling behind on our home’s needs for it to stay healthy, or just make it stressful to maintain them. But what if you could turn that time spent on your lawn and landscape into time you can freely spend elsewhere? Well with Chorbie’s North Richland Hills Lawn Care and Landscape you can do just that with ease!

We have been operating for multiple years now and are known for our professional work and for assisting homeowners in making their dream home come true. As a homeowner living in NRH, don’t allow your home to go unmanaged and give it the love it deserves. Contact us when you are ready to get started so we can freshen your outdoor life and free up some time in your day.

Things We Love About North Richland Hills,


The city of North Richlands Hills is well-known across the DFW and is commonly referred to as “NRH”. North Richlands Hills can be found in Tarrant County where it holds its place as the third-largest city in the county. The real estate and everything else here are some of the nicest around which really adds to the beauty of the entire place. Because of this and all of the other benefits NRH has to offer, it was put in the top ten neighborhoods by Dallas Morning News to live in inside of the DFW area. To add on, NRH isn’t too small and comes in at a little more than 18 total square miles in size. To back up the size is an amazing community that keeps the city going.

The total number of residents comes out to be around 71,000 but continues to grow by the year. With the city being taken care of managed by the city council, city managers, and other city services, it’s no question why NRH has become a hotspot for homeowners. The business and opportunities are always blooming too with many new companies choosing this growing city as the place to open their doors.

Job accessibility tends to be high here bringing in many different options for you to choose from. Lastly, the education from elementary school level to college is available here and is top-notch. From independent school districts to public high schools, and even the North East Campus of Tarrant County College are found here. This opens up the ability of choice too where you want you or your children to receive their education and can be more convenient for various reasons. These are only a few of the countless things NRH has to offer, so next time you get the chance stop by and you’ll be in for an awesome time! Don’t forget to check out all the entertainment and restaurants while you’re there too!

So Much To See and Do

NRH20 Family Water Park
NRH20 Family Water Park
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Any resident living in Texas will let you know in a quick fashion just how hot it can get here. With this much heat around throughout most of the year, a lot of us are always looking for a good way to cool off. If you are anywhere around North Richlands Hills then you are in luck when you find the temperatures starting to rise. Thanks to NRH20 Family Water Park located in the city there, everyone that comes to visit can now cool off in a great and fun way. The waterpark itself is filled with many different activities and types of equipment too. Whether it be water slides, lazy pools, or even catching some waves there is something here for everyone. There is plenty of space so it never feels too cluttered and also if you are a resident of North Richland Hills there is a discount available. Be sure to check out their online website first before you go so you can check out all the live events that are constantly taking place. For a fun and family-oriented getaway to escape the Texas heat, make sure to stop by NRH20 Family Water Park in North Richlands Hills!
NYTEX Sports Centre
NYTEX Sports Centre
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Sports are not only one of our nation’s most favorite past times, but they are also very important in Texas as well. For sports fans living in North Richlands Hills, there is a place known as NYTEX Sports Centre that can meet most, if not all of your needs. The NYTEX Sports Centre hosts a plethora of games revolving around certain sports like hockey, football, ice-skating, roller derby, volleyball, and more. You can expect tons of people to take part in all of the various games and activities and a fun time every time you attend. The facilities are top of the line with some of the best multi-sport fields you’ll find around here. To add on, there are a summer camp kids can attend to further increase their talent and love for the game. While you are out there scoring baskets or kicking goals, you’ll usually work up quite the hunger or thirst too. Luckily, there is plenty of food and drink spots to replenish yourself and get back out there with everyone! There’s a reason why NYTEX Sports Centre is loved by sports fans from all over the DFW, and it’s easy to see why!
Walker's Creek Park
Walker's Creek Park
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A day at the park is sometimes that perfect getaway that we all need. This can be said for Walker’s Creek Park in North Richland Hills too after seeing what all it has to offer. When visiting this park there are many things you can do so you’ll never encounter a dull moment. Its main attraction is the softball field, walking/biking paths, and beautiful views. During certain times of the year, there are often games being held on the softball field with a concession stand open to serve visitors. If that isn’t your thing, you should definitely check out the many walking biking trails that are available here. These trails are really something special and work great for exercise for all ages while you take in the lush scenery. Additionally, for the kids, there is playground equipment for them to climb all over and enjoy. It’s important that you know the parking here is absolutely free too. If you want to get in touch with nature and take a day to spend it outside with friends and family then Walker’s Creek Park is exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by the next chance you get and make sure to take it all in!

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