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Chorbie offers a variety of services to Westlake, TX. Click on the service you’d like more information about. You can also call us at 972-697-5221 to speak with someone about your needs.

Lawn care and landscaping are no joke, and that is especially true here in Westlake, Texas. The summers are extremely hot and the winters just as unbearable but in a cold approach. For this and many other reasons, getting around to all of our lawn chores and responsibilities isn’t always the easiest. You should never worry though because Chorbie has your back to make sure your home gets exactly what it needs.

Chorbie’s Westlake Lawn Care and Landscaping have been around for over 15 years and we are still going strong making a difference in our homeowners’ lives. If you want full accessibility to your dream home’s lawn care and landscaping look, look no further than us. We look forward to being a part of the team and making a positive change every time we get to help. Contact us now to find out you can get started and give your home what it deserves!

Things We Love About Westlake,


The city of Westlake is a beautiful place for anyone to live with an empowering community behind it. Like other cities around it, Westlake stretches into two counties in total. These counties are Denton County and Tarrant County. Westlake is smaller in size and population than many other cities located in the DFW area. When it comes to size, the city measures out to be about 7 total square miles with hardly much water at all. Additionally, the population comes out to be around 1,700 in Westlake. The city doesn’t have an official police force of its own either. Instead, the law enforcement services are contracted from the city of Keller. These services include traffic and patrol enforcements that serve the city of Westlake. When it comes to fire and EMS services, those are provided by the city.

There are multiple developments in progress as of now to better benefit the quality of life for the cities residents, in many different ways. This gives a lot to look forward to for the already present residents, and future ones looking into moving to Westlake. Education is important for all of us, and you’ll find some of the best schools to choose from in this city. Some schools, however, can only be attended depending on where your home is located. Nonetheless, Westlake Academy, Carroll ISD, Keller ISD, and Northwest ISD are all well-renown. Meaning no matter where you end up, your children will have a great education. Westlake, overall, is a great place for all different types of homeowners. When you find yourself looking for a good time out, or even home-hunting, take a drive through Westlake and you’ll enjoy every second of it!

So Much To See and Do

Glenwyck Park
Glenwyck Park
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A trip to the park serves as the ultimate getaway for many Texas residents, and sometimes it’s exactly what we need. In Westlake, Glenwyck Park is a great place to get that outside fun into your schedule. With so much to offer, this park is great for people of all ages and never fails to present an exciting time. In total, Glenwyck park is 13.5 acres in size and full of open areas for all kinds of activities. There are trails and walking paths to get your steps in and the views along the way are pretty awesome too! Bring a camera when you visit because there are plenty of spots to take some really good pictures. Typically the three rustic bridges get the most snapshots but there are many other beautiful things around too that you can use as a backdrop. Make sure to bring friends and family when you come to visit Glenwyck park so everyone can enjoy themselves. Don’t forget the picnic necessities and stay hydrated when you venture out to Glenwyck Park for some fun.

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